Thursday, June 4, 2015


No words can express
the depth of her contentment
as she walks along the beach.
As the waves lap against the shores
they create the rhythm of her life.
Balmy breezes kiss
her sun bronzed skin,
and she wonders....
could there ever be a greater destiny
than to be born with a love
for the treasures of the sea?
Here she is home!

~ beachblissliving

Can you believe that the first week
of June is almost complete?  My
days seem to go by at warp speed.

This has been a week of dealing
with insurance companies, home
this month, sigh. Insurance companies
make me crazy!

I spent two days cleaning out my studio
and now all that is left is to organize
my stash of yarn; ahem, that may take

I was a responsible adult and had my
annual check up. I have now learned
that when you reach a certain age there
are more appointments to be made
and things to be addressed.
Getting older is not for wimps..

My Mike and I spent time at the beach,
walking, laughing, just having fun being
silly.  My body may be getting older, but
my mind is still a teenager!

I've been listening to frazey Ford [thanks
Amanda.] and dancing around the kitchen
as I prepare meals.

Thinking I need to order these, aren't
they great?

Reading this that my sister sent me and
laughing hysterically.

Have a great weekend my dear friends.



  1. You are beautiful dear Tracy. So much joy in every picture this morning... It is infectious. I miss miss MISS the beach! That is it, I have to find a beach this week-end. I'm just dying here. It might not be by the sea, but our river gets wide enough that I might be able to fool my mind into thinking that it is. :-)

    Oh my, the Paleo thing... I have to re read that. I've was just laughing out loud. Thank you for that! A good laugh is such an excellent way to start off the morning.

    Have a wonderful week-end.

    P : You yarn stash and my fabric stash would probably have a good laugh about us together. My attempts to "organize" my fabrics has always been quite comedic!

  2. Hello, my friend!

    Loved coming here, viewing your gorgeous pictures of the ocean and seeing fun pictures of you having a great time! CUTE shoes! and the paleo thing made me laugh out loud.

    I wanted to be sure and tell you that I made the quinoa cakes and not only did I love them, but so did my husband! What a great way to get some protein!

    I also have picked up the protein powder...going to try it today! :)

  3. i love the joy in that one particular photo. yay to the child inside us all. play into adulthood is so important.

    dreamy beach pics, hank you.

    sweet weekend to you.

  4. Great quote Tracey - perfect for you! What fun pictures. You may have been jealous of my snow pictures this Winter, but I now have just a bit of sunny breezy beach envy. Live it up!

  5. I love that quote Tracey. And the photo of you being silly on the beach. I think it is important to remember and tap into our inner child, it makes life so much fun.

    Wishing you the most wonderful weekend. xo

  6. I had just grabbed a couple choc chip cookies (you know,one for each hand) before sitting down to catch up with some people....and read that Paleo-thing. I laughed until I cried (and sort of snorted a little cookie through my nose...I know, TooMuchInfo). Hysterical!
    Hope you have the best weekend EVEr!!!!! Looks like you got a head start! Great photos!!!

  7. I see the teenager !!!! love your photos..they made me smile!!! I always have my check-ups and appointments in the I can pretend to be ageless all summer. Have a great weekend...congrats on clearing out your studio!!!

  8. Where to begin... I love the photos of you on the beach and your quote about the body getting older but the mind being a teenager. I feel the same way!! The shoes rock and I laughed out loud reading about the paleo diet. Hilarious!
    Have an awesome weekend!!

  9. The first shot is gorgeous. And look at you having so much fun. Yay! I need to be better about the doctor. I make the husband and the kids go. Those are cute Toms. They'd be cute on you.

  10. OH Tracey that link was too funny! Thanks for the laugh. You are looking so beautiful, and I think the only thing that might make you even more so is having a pair of those adorable toms on your feet ; ) Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  11. Nice post and pictures. I have found that growing older is so much better than the alternative ;-) have a great weekend.

  12. Thanks for sharing frazey ford. A good sound I will have to check out further. Ah, the beach...

  13. you are one beautiful gal! Love the photos of you!! I just got home and boy was I happy to pull into the driveway. City living is not for me.

  14. I love your beach photos! And that link to the paleo post had me laughing out loud - too funny! :D