Thursday, March 19, 2015


Life is too deep for words,
so don't try to describe it,
just live it.

~ C.S. Lewis

 Another week has come and
now is almost gone.
I try to pay attention and
hold on to each moment,
but there are so many days
that seem to just fly by too
quickly and I wish time would
slow down.
 This week I saw
the temperature reach 86
degrees and then drop
to 56 a few days later.
Everything is wildly
in bloom and pollen
has blown through
the air giving everything
a yellow haze. 
There are blackberry blossoms,
in March!
The pear tree is heavy
with flowers promising
a good crop this year, and
I hope the squirrels will
 The blueberry bushes
are busy making tiny little
 My favorite, the fig tree,
is just starting to dress with
leaves, but I know by the
end of July the figs will
be there.
 I woke to rain this morning,
which continued all day,

So I stayed in and finished
a baby blanket and started a
wee hat, my favorite hat for
new little heads.
I have enjoyed not one,
but two loaves of bread this
week, each slice slathered
with butter since that is the
best way to eat bread.
And drank gallons of tea
with fresh squeezed lemon
juice and honey as I savor
a favorite magazine.

I signed up to take
Heather's Whole Food Kitchen
workshop and Michelle's
Intention for 7 movement,
both sound amazing and I
am looking forward to them

Tomorrow I will wish my son
a happy birthday, he will be 22
years old. This photo? This is
how I will always see him no matter
how tall or old he becomes. I love
you son.
Enjoy your journey!



  1. Everything is already greening up so nicely in your area! I can't wait for that to happen here. :-) We've had beautiful days in the high 70's and went back to low 60's and rain - just in time for spring break to start of course. ;-)

  2. Beautiful post. The days have been flying by, why is that? The older you get the faster they go.

  3. It's flying here too...I'm sure the world is spinning faster! There is so much to catch up reading over here and absorbing all the beautiful photographs.It all looks amazing. What a cutie your son was and am sure still is I hope he has a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Congratulations on the little one. Have fun with your workshops and enjoy all the beautiful blossoms. debx

  4. Yes, how can 22 years fly by so very fast?! (such a CUTE photo of your son!) Your blanket is looking lovely. There's so much goodness in these photos today, Tracey, I am glad you are savouring it :) xo

  5. Goodness, spring has sprung down there, just beautiful! The blanket is beautiful.

    Happiest of days to your son Tracey, and happy birthing day to you. xo

  6. Just copied your bread recipe....on the agenda for tomorrow. I'll put a candle in the middle to celebrate your boy's birthday!!!!! (I signed up for the Whole Food Kitchen, too!!!!!)

  7. I must try this bread recipe! When it was St. Patrick's day at work, the social committee always set up a festive table of goodies and you bet soda bread was one of them. I totally understand how you'll always view your baby. I still see my towering, soon to be, 16 year old nephew as this first greater who used to cruise by my classroom on his way to the YMCA program to pick up some sets.

  8. Isn't that a good issue of Taproot? That bread looks amazing- thanks for sharing the recipe. Happy birthday to your son, what a cutie!

  9. isn't spring beautiful?!? The buds in your pictures are beautiful and your rosebud blanket is sweet - what a beautiful way to spend a rainy day !!! Happy Birthday to your son...

  10. What a beautiful pictures, they really show how Spring is at its best.
    The blanket is so beautiful, very well done!

    Happy birthday to your son!

    Lluisa xoxo

  11. Happy Birthday to Peter-I remember him looking like that, too. He's still a cutie.

  12. happy birthday!!! I love that spring has visited you and wow what a temperature difference you experienced.

  13. Happy Birthday to your son! Adore that pic. :)

    Try as we may, we can't seem to slow down some days, right? I guess it is good that we are able to savor at least a few. Homemade bread with butter sure does help with the savoring!

  14. Great pictures Tracey - perfectly capturing this early Spring in your part of the world!

  15. I am doing Heather's workshop too. I took it a few years ago but am anxious to see the changes and get a refresher course. And I just checked out the Intention for 7. Very interesting. A very Happy Birthday to your baby Tracey!

  16. All of these pictures are beautiful! I wish it was warm here! 86 degrees sounds marvelous! :)

  17. Just found your blog through the Yarn Along. Thank you for sharing your photos and words (and knits :-) All very beautiful. Will definitely be revisiting.