Wednesday, March 18, 2015


An amazing thing happens when you
get honest with yourself and start doing
what you love, what makes you happy.
Your life literally slows down. You
stop wishing for the weekend. You
stop merely looking forward to special
events. You begin to live in each moment
and you start feeling like a human being.
You just ride the wave that is life, with
this feeling of contentment and joy.
You move fluidly,  steadily, calm and
grateful. A veil is lifted and a whole
new perspective is born.

~ Bigbearminingcorp.


The Window Panes Baby Blanket
is almost complete.  I have decided
to add a few more inches and then
once I bind off sew a handful of
satin roses in one corner with a few
roses scattered around the panes.
I love the simplicity of this pattern
and have an idea floating around
about casting on another blanket,
this time for my bed.

My reading, The Homecoming of Samuel Lake
grabbed me from page one. The writing
is easy, the story compelling and the
characters interesting...a perfect book to
sit outside on a lazy afternoon as the sun
shines down.

Joining Ginny.


  1. Tracey, I like your new profile pic. I thoroughly enjoyed this post...all of the pretty pinks in nature...and those sweet little rosebuds that are going to go on that gorgeous baby blanket! Oh...and I love the quote at the beginning! xo

  2. I'll have to check out that book-great pictures as always.

  3. I'm putting that book on "the list"! love that pretty blanket and love the pattern. I bet you're getting excited for the big day!

  4. Oh....Spring does come and with it the beauty awakens :0) nice blanket.

  5. Your blanket is beautiful and I can already see it with all the scattered rosebuds...I had to look twice to be certain that they weren't real buds!!!

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  7. (Sorry too many typos in the prior comment on this early morning- lets do this again)
    You are a such a fast knitter Tracey, love the blanket and the name of it, clever,also nice touch with the sweet flowers. Thank you for the book tip- sounds right up my alley!

  8. I love that pattern!!! I knit it once upon a time, too!!! What a great springtime've had some wonderful camera-playing weather, and the results are stunning!

  9. Thank you for these stunning and uplifting pictures! I can't wait to see blossoms here too :-)
    And your baby blanket looks so soft and cosy!!

  10. Your blanket is beautiful! Can't wait to hear about the next blanket idea that is on your mind.
    Gorgeous flowers!

  11. Such a pretty blanket Tracey. I'm anxious to see the ideas in your head come to reality. I love the paragraph about doing what makes you happy. It really is the truth.

  12. The blanket is beautiful Tracey. Second recommendation I have had for that book, adding it to my list, thank you.

    And that quote, I love it! Adding it to my journal :) Have a lovely day Tracey.

  13. Oh beautiful!! The rosettes are a gorgeous touch, I love thinking up little embellishments to make a project extra unique.

  14. Beautiful photos and I love the quote at the beginning!
    Looking forward to see the finished blanket :)

  15. I love the idea of putting roses sprinkled around the blanket. Such a gift of love. I'm a little envious that you have spring!

  16. Absololutely gorgeous spring photos! Love the blanket!

  17. A beautiful blanket! And you are surrounded by the vibrancy of spring. So wonderful.

  18. What a lucky baby to be wrapped in such a beautiful blanket!

  19. Seeing these photographs makes me feel as though it was May here! Don't you just love when our knitting projects are right in keeping with the colours around us? Love all those pink blossoms (and rosettes), that blanket is going to look so pretty even though it looks perfectly wonderful as it is:) XO

  20. Beautiful spring! Your baby blanket is the sweetest, and I love your idea to add the pink roses! :)

  21. Lovely simply Lovely! Found you at the Yarn Along

  22. The idea with the roses on the blanket is perfect Tracey, it's going to look so lovely!

  23. I like the quote, getting honest with yourself and do what you love. .. brilliant!
    The blanket it's really nice and the photos as usual. .. wonderful!

    Lluisa xoxo

  24. what beautiful, springy photos and that blanket!!

  25. Tracey, I cannot begin to tell you just how much I adore your photos!! Love, love, love them all!! The blanket looks so nice and I can't wait to see it when it's all embellished and done.

  26. I am yearning for spring and your lovely photos are making me feel like there is hope that it will arrive here soon, too!
    I love your blanket! I have three baby blankets needing to be made in the next several months - I might have to seek out that pattern!

  27. Very pretty Tracey - both the pictures and the blanket. I can't believe that we will actually have buds like that here soon!