Sunday, March 22, 2015


"We need beauty because it
makes us ache to be worthy of it."
-- Mary Oliver.

I have spent the weekend deep
cleaning my home, it really
needed some loving attention
and from there I moved on
to the birds homes for a little
cleaning too. The turkey's,
Leroy and Daisy have been
quite adorable lately as have
the little Bantams. Lannister,
the little rooster continues to
make me laugh with his tiny
crow and each day the girls
lay two wee eggs for me to
I knit a hat and a pair of baby
socks using this book. and
now I am working on a pair
of duck socks just because
I thought they would be fun.
I have discovered the show,
Parenthood [thank you Lisa]
so am spending my time watching
the first season while I knit.
Have you seen it?

Last night before the rain moved
in I sat outside and watched the
sunset. Have you ever looked at
the sky and just had to stop because
it was so beautiful? It happens to
me a lot.
Weekending with Karen


  1. Love the up-close-and-personal shots of your animals. I can't imagine not getting very attached to them.
    I'm jealous that you tackled your spring cleaning. All my closets and drawers need a good cleaning. I keep saying "tomorrow."
    The blanket, hat and booties you made are just beautiful. The rosettes add such a sweet touch. Wishing you a wonderful week, Tracey.
    Happy Spring.

  2. Cuteness over load with your turkeys and chicken :)
    I love your knits- how adorable...all of it. It must be fun to have wee ones to knit for.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Oh yes I have...I am always in complete awe of Our God's creation. Thank you for sharing the birds with me...I have fowl envy with anyone that is able to have chickens in their land :0) mari

  4. I didn't know you had turkeys!! Leroy sure is stunning! Your knitted baby gifts are adorable and the little duck socks are the cutest things ever! Watching beautiful sunsets or sunrises get to me every time, it is the greatest show on earth I believe!!

  5. Those duck socks are adorable! Parenthood; I think I watched the first season on and off but now you've intrigued me and I want to watch the rest. Hopefully Netflix has it. I've been cleaning my house all week too. All the sorting is what takes me so much time, but man! it feels good to let stuff go :) I cut down my wardrobe by 50% and I'm loving it.

  6. Your birds are beautiful !!! After living in motel/hotel rooms for two weeks i think i have the energy to do some deep cleaning ( i just have to stop thinking and get thank you... you have just inspired me. Have a great week Tracey

  7. Tracey, you will LOVE Parenthood. I was so sad to end the last episode of Season 6. You won't want it to end. One of my all-time favs.

  8. Love your animals! And those eggs... I could just picture skeins of yarn in those shades....
    I envy you your deep cleaning... I had to force myself to just clean one bathroom today! LOL!

    Linda in VA

  9. The sky often stops me dead in my tracks, I honestly could lay on my back and watch it all day long.

    Have a lovely week Tracey.

  10. I love that black and white, feathered fowl. Sorry, I can't tell if it's a roster or hen. Make sure you have a box of Kleenex nearby. Parenthood always makes me cry. I finished off it's last season today. The baby booties are adorable.

  11. How nice to have fresh eggs. Love those little chicken booties. Watched the sky the other night it was a bright band of pink, breathtaking and then as the sun went down and it was gone in the minute. Have a good week.

  12. How cool to have your own turkeys. We have a hen house and run kit in the garden all set to put up...we plan to have a go this week all being well. Lovely knits, thanks for directing us to the book...I love that it has projects different time scales...Perfect for busy lives.
    I always have my head in the sky which is one of the reasons I'm always tripping up!
    Enjoy lots more lovely sunsets.

  13. I will check out that show! Love your baby knitting, you are quite speedy in your projects. I keep thinking of what I'd like to paint this spring but so far I'm in the thinking stages.

  14. I finished Parenthood over the weekend-I'll really miss the Bravermans. Great pictures, as usual.

  15. The colours on that turkey! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Tracey, I hope your week continues in much the same vein with many more stops to skywatch :) xo

  16. Those duck socks are precious Tracey. I have heard real good things about Parenthood but haven't watched it yet. I have many evenings where I just look at the sun setting in the sky and sigh....

  17. oh my goodness, those wee baby knits. sigh, so so sweet. <3

  18. Love those little duck booties Tracey - how precious. Your tom turkey is quite the fellow!

  19. Nothing as enjoy the eggs coming from your very own animals. .. You knitting it's sooo cute :)

    I am the same as you when I look at the sky, sometimes it's too much all that beauty :)

    Have a good week Tracey!

    Lluisa xoxo

  20. Your little knitted hat and booties are so sweet with the little pink rosebuds and those duck socks made me smile. Your work is beautiful, Tracey.
    I began watching Parenthood in the last season and couldn't believe I hadn't known about it sooner. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  21. I didn't realize you have turkeys. We saw some wild ones on the way to church on Sunday. The gobbler was strutting for a hen. Such beautiful creatures.

    Your knitting projects are beautiful...and I love the little duck socks!

    Yes, I often have to stop and view the sky because of its beauty.

    Have a great week, Tracey