Wednesday, February 4, 2015


“Life is serious, but art is fun!”

~ John Irving

Now that my Stonecrop is
off the needles [ I posted about
it here ] I am working on my
next Christmas gift, Purl Soho's
Little Cable Knee Highs. This
is my first time knitting socks
from the toe up so I am taking
my time and following the pattern
closely. I am using Cascade's
Heritage Silk yarn in a dark
grey which I think will make
perfect bed socks.

Not only did I finish a knit
project, I also finished reading
The Girl on the Train., it was
a great read and one I recommend
I couldn't decide on a new book
to read so I pulled an old favorite
off the shelf, A Prayer for Owen Meany,
reading it again is like visiting an
old friend.

Joining with Ginny


  1. I love your knitting bag Tracey :) I am headed out to pick up some books today, The Girl on the Train might have to come home with me...

  2. I have books like that, books that I return over and over again :0) Enjoy learning a new pattern, it is so much fun to give yourself that time. Lovely bag dear lady :0) mari

  3. I have yet to knit socks toe up or knee highs. A friend of mine gave me two great "sock" magazines a few years ago and I may need to give them a closer look.

  4. good to know the book was worth reading! I love the color of your socks, do you like toe up? I'm so used to cuff down I think I will never ever change.

  5. owen meany really is an old that book. i've heard great things about girl on a fact, i think our church book club considered it but chose something else. :( another christmas gift?????????? you're making the rest of us look really really bad, you know!

  6. Intriguing glimpses of the socks, and I love John Irving. I don't think I've ever read Owen Meany though!

  7. Christmas gifts! You are so amazing! I should be doing that too but I am starting some birthday knitting instead. I will look for girl on a train at my library one of these days, I keep hearing good things!

  8. bed socks? Love the petite cable and look forward to seeing how your socks turn out. :)

  9. Look at you go with that Christmas knitting! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  10. Oh that bag looks awesome! I love that you are knitting Christmas gifts - I really should be doing this with the amount of time it takes for me to knit one thing :-) Beautiful pictures, as always!

  11. Ooo... I like that sock pattern. I think they'll look lovely in grey! And another Christmas knit! Go you!

  12. what fun new projects! love your pictures! I have some cascade yarn for the first time in pima cotton; lovely!

  13. Years ago, my AP English teacher told us this was her favorite book. I've been intending to read it ever since...

  14. i love that cascade yarn, one of my favorites !

  15. Tracey, I just saw over at Camilla's that you have been contemplating starting over so I hope you don't mind terribly if I say... DON'T do it! You can get this, really. Is it short row shaping? If you want help let me know and I will be happy to walk you through it. Of course, I wouldn't want you from doing what you really want to do but if you want to keep trying, well, I'm only an email away:)
    Lovely photos today - love those clouds and LOVE Owen Meaney - I remember laughing so hard reading it, it is like an old friend. XO

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my friend for those gorgeous pictures of your beautiful Camilla! Just made my day! :)

  17. your camellias are gorgeous !!!

  18. Wow, those green leaves and red blooms! What a fantastic contrast to my white wintry world!

  19. I just love how you are working on your Christmas gifts....

  20. LOL. Look at what looks to me furry pom poms. You go on totin' that. Clouds are so cool, yeah? They have personalities of their own. I like the texture of your socks.