Thursday, February 5, 2015


We are not perfect,
we are learning.
That's the beauty
in our specific journey.

~ Alex Elle

I have spent hours and hours
and hours this week working
on my photography skills, it's
been slow going. I wonder
if I will ever remember about
iso, aperture, and shutter speed
without having to go over it
in my head every single time?
Maybe not, but I'm having fun,
well, for the most part, and
it's all about the journey right?

I have been working on my
blanket quite a bit this week.
I decided I'm not going to put
a deadline on finishing it, I'm
just going to enjoy it when I
feel like working on it and
if it takes ten years then that
is okay.

I ripped out my toe up sock
yesterday. I made a mistake
while working the heel and
couldn't figure out how to
fix it without make a big mess
of the whole thing. I recast
on cuff down and am going
to see if I can work out the
pattern so I can still knit the
cable down the back.
My next pair of socks? Toe
up for sure because it's
important to work your
brain and I want this skill.

I was asked in the comments
where I purchased my egg
holder and while I picked
this one up locally,  I did look
on Amazon and saw they had
holder's that were similar.

My dreams of snow went away
with the weather forecast, but
at least for the next few days
it's going to be cold, and then
on Sunday? 68 degrees!

Enjoy the weekend and
the journey!



  1. Oh my goodness...68 degrees :0) here in the mountain, Winter is still here. Like you, I am doing the same with all my projects, just enjoying the process...

  2. You are brave for ripping up your sock. I think photography is constantly learning and that's a good thing- it makes it creative and interesting . Love you spirit and your work Tracey.

  3. Loving the ruby red in the photos recently. Just made a smoothie (if thats what you call it) all vegetables that included a small raw beetroot. I called it a "Lady Macbeth"! Will blog it at some stage, could also be heated and drunk as a soup.
    Photography looks like it is coming along brilliantly. Have a good weekend.

  4. I've always enjoyed your photographs so much Tracey! I do know what you mean though – shooting in manual certainly is a lot to remember.
    I've always done my socks cuff down, on 4 dpns, and was just telling someone that I was too old to learn another way :) Perhaps I should take your advice and make my brain learn something new! Yes, I think that would be good.

  5. Good for you for learning all of these new skills! If you want to geek-out on photography, it can be overwhelming! I received a fantastic photography book as a gift. Not very technical, but fun, and it provides you with the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture for each photo so you can start to understand what combinations work together to create particular photos.

  6. my has your son grown!! He is handsome and I do love your photography so keep at it my dear. I hope you get your toe up going. I will continue to love cuff down because I'm set in my ways.

  7. I am always working on my photography Tracey, it is never ending :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend.

  8. Isn't it SO liberating when we can let go of a timeline on a project and grant ourselves permission to work on it whenever we feel like it - I just learned this recently after 20 some years of knitting (slow learner). I love your photos, Tracey and everything in them, too :) xo

  9. Teen boys grow up so quickly...your handsome son is no exception. My Daniel is off to work with his dad today. I'm getting used to it. AnnaLynn and I enjoy a girl day together on Fridays! Enjoy that blanket...I've been feverishly working to finish a crocheted blanket for my new granddaughter and as of last night am on the last row. LW, I'll finish this morning! :)

  10. I was just thinking how beautiful your photos were when I read you are working on your photography. It is definitely looking good. Congrats...I can't wait for this warm weekend coming up!

  11. I need to work on my photography and get off the auto training wheels. I have to work this in. Your son's - That is your son, right? Sorry. I camt remembee. - got some cool hair. I wish mine had personality like his.

  12. the photography is looking GREAT! (you have a good eye for composition....the techy stuff will come, but the artistic thing you have down!!) I just dragged out my mitered cross blanket again....with no deadline, it's a much happier knit, too! enjoy the weekend. (we're supposed to hit 60 today, too!)

  13. Your photos are beautiful. I have such a long way to go with my photography. Bravo to you for taking the time to learn your craft. Enjoy the beautiful weather you're having.

  14. Beautiful photos and it is fun to get to know your camera. I´m still learning to know mine.
    Enjoy ♥