Monday, February 2, 2015


Completely, Perfectly,
Incandescently happy.

~ Jane Austen


 Just like every pattern Jared Flood
writes Stonecrop was an a joy to
knit and an easy pattern to follow.
Knit with Malabrigo sock yarn
in Terra Cotto this wrap is the
first Christmas gift to be complete
for 2015.
I am so thankful to Melissa for
hosting the KAL and for introducing
me to such a fabulous designer.
I had a thought that it might be
fun to knit every single one of
Jared's patterns since I love everything
he designs, I'm not quite sure yet,
but when I decide I will let you
Now to finish my blanket.!


  1. LOVE!!! You do such beautiful work Tracey! Whom ever is the recipient of this beautiful piece will be a lucky person indeed!

  2. fabulous!!! you are setting the bar pretty high....having such a lovely Christmas 2015 gift done already!!!! (Now, don't misplace it in the next 11 months!!!!)

  3. It is so good to know that just a few states down a highway, and the sun is shinning brightly this February day :0) thank you for sharing the sun with me today is snowing here with lots of wind. mari

  4. So pretty! The quote by Jane Austen is one of my favorites, thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Beautiful shawl! And three cheers for a Christmas gift done!

  6. Good for is truly stunning Tracey!

  7. It's just BEAUTIFUL... Congrats!

  8. Oh Tracey, it is gorgeous! And your photos are just lovely, all that sunshine. We are just finishing up with a snowstorm, and waiting for the arrival of another one tomorrow night.

  9. I love Jane Austen and I felt myself drift away in your photos. My goodness you are so organised Christmas presents list for 2015 ticked already. What a wonderful gift it will make for one lucky someone.

  10. I absolutely adore the shawl!! The color and the pattern are just amazing!!

  11. I can see why you would be beaming with joy and excitement, Tracey, your stonecrop is beautiful! Hurray! :) xo

  12. What a beautiful wrap. Somebody is going to be very lucky this Christmas. And I am so impressed that you are Christmas knitting already!

  13. your Christmas knitting... is lovely and inspiring! I finished a Jared Flood baby blanket for Charlotte (the daughter-in-law ran out of time...) which was lovely and introduced me to a new stitch which I love (the central double decrease).

  14. Tracey, what self control you must have! To spend the time knitting something so beautiful and to have to now tuck it away for MONTHS without even wearing it once?! You deserve to wear it just once to a nice restaurant!

  15. It's gorgeous! And the recipient will love it!

  16. No whenever I see any shade of orange, I think of you. :)
    Stunning knit, Tracey!

  17. That orange is so fiery and warm! Stunning, as Andi says.