Wednesday, February 18, 2015


"With only the creaking of the house
for company, she focused on the pale
blue yarn and the way the knitting
needles dove in and out of the soft
strands, creating every moment some-
thing that hadn't existed before. It
calmed her nerves, this once-ordinary
morning ritual. "

~ Kristin Hannah :: The Nightingale

I started over, this
time from the top
I had to do math
to make sure the
cable lines up with
the heel,
I hate math.

The blanket has
been seeing some
loving, it's about
time. It takes a long
time to finish one
round. Great project
for watching an old

Reading The Nightingale
and trying not to
finish it too fast.
It is fabulous and
I am recommending
it to everyone.

Joining Ginny.


  1. Gorgeous blossoms Tracey. Lots of good knitting :) Adding your book to my ever growing list. Have a wonderful day!

  2. adding another book to my queue. Love that gray yarn and glad you started over with some fun math. I bet you are really good at math, better than me!

  3. Beautiful new header! ...and images today, looks like spring is full swing. That grey yarn looks so yummy- have fun knitting Tracey.

  4. Those red blossoms are such a welcome pop of color! Dreary days here, it's actually snowing a bit here right now. The socks are going to look great, that is a wonderful gray yarn you are knitting with.

  5. Love all the photos! I will be adding that book to my list of reading to get to! Have a great week!

  6. Lovely photos. So agree with the quote from the book. I'm going to have to stop coming to Yarn Along - my book list is getting so long, it will take years to read them all! But I sure am adding this one!

  7. Thank you for the book recommendation! I have not read this author before.

  8. Another book to add to my growing list! I love the picture of the needle intertwined with the bush.. I bet that cascade is lovely to knit with.

  9. If only there wasn't so much math in knitting! :)
    The book sounds good – I'm adding it to my list. Love the quote!

  10. hahaha, I hate math too :) Love to see nature unfurling herself in your part of the world Tracey, it goes me hope that it will do that eventually up here too! Happy knitting :) xo

  11. Hope your socks knit up beautifully -- how can they not? That yarn looks scrumptious! Just placed a hold on The nightingale at our local library (over 90 it might be a while). thanks for the recommendation, Tracey. :)
    Hope you are staying warm, my friend. After all our pleasant 60 degree days, we woke this morning to a frost. Nothing like what you all are experiencing back east and in the south, but quite shocking after days and days of this spring tease we've been enjoying. :)

  12. I love your pictures. You have an eye for capturing beauty.

  13. Lovely pictures! Just added that book to my library holds, only 21 holds on five copies so just a few months of waiting... sounds like a good one!

  14. Me too with the math bit. What a lovely quote and images. It makes me want to read The Nightingale, another one for my list. I missed that you had been re-reading A Prayer for Owen Meany...that's one of my all time favourites too.
    Thanks for the sweater suggestion, it's gorgeous...
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  15. Beautiful pictures and knitting.

  16. Lovely knitting projects. Looks like you're having a wonderful time.

  17. yarnalong has been painful today.....all these books I need to add to the list, and I can't see the written page!!! (cataract surgery was today----not quite so dilated now so I can just barely make out the print on the computer....could really use a couple more inches in arm length.....guess that would make me look more like a chimp than I'd like, though.)

  18. Your knitting projects are so good. Lovely new ruby red buds in your photos. Thanks for the book recommendation, I have a long list now.

  19. Sorry you had trio start over. However, no doubt you'll be so much more delighted with the end results.

  20. Your photos are uplifting as usual, Tracey.
    Gorgeous grey sox.
    I'm guessing the lucious white is the blanket.
    Hugs 'n smiles

  21. Yes, blankets take a long time to complete. Watching a movie while knitting them is the best! :) Your pictures are always so beautiful, they inspire me!

  22. Loved the quote enough to click thru and read the synopsis. Wow! That book sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation...

  23. Loved the quote enough to click thru and read the synopsis. Wow! That book sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation...

  24. Tracey - you have green and pink like that right now outside?! Crazy! I'm still okay with my white landscape for now. Give me another month though and I might be itching for another color.

  25. Nightengale is in my queue. I'll get to it eventually! Glad to hear you are loving it.