Thursday, February 19, 2015


No winter lasts forever,
no spring skips its turn.

~Hal Borland

 The polar vortex did make
 it's presents known this far
south, in fact we never climbed
out of the 30's today, and while
there was rain this week, not
one single snowflake has fallen
on my head.

Since you have been so kind to
share your beautiful snow photos,
and for that I am grateful as it
looks like that will be the only
snow I see, I wanted to share
little glimpses of spring with
you that I captured this week.

Hang in there my winter weary
friends, spring is only 29 days
Enjoy a fabulous weekend.

PS:: this post is dedicated to
my two sisters who are tired
of all the snow, they just don't
love winter like I do.

Much love,


  1. Thank you dear Tracey, for sharing a little bit of your world with us. It looks wonderful! Little man and I are in countdown mode, 4 days til we depart, and I can't wait to see the ocean and feel some warmth from the sun.

  2. You're welcome to come here-it's going below zero tonight-and that's not taking into account wind chill.

  3. Wonderful quote Tracey & beautiful heart goes out to all of the winter weary too.

  4. You should of said 2 sisters and cousin! I'm sick of this weather! While I don't really mind the cold, I don't care for EXTREME cold. I could never live in a place where there is endless dreary days and polar vortex anything. LOL Thanks for sharing your glimpses of spring, won't be long until our yellow bells are out, and the little buttercups are making their presence known.

  5. Thank you, Tracey. Come stay anytime, but make it soon. This is my last winter this far above the equator. Love and hugs, Sister LG

  6. I love your pictures!! We've been cold and colder here these last few days - this morning we woke up to a low of 9! We only went to school half a day on Tuesday and half a day today. It was cancelled Wednesday and again for tomorrow. You know how it is, people here are not used to the cold, snow and ice...

  7. I'm starting to reconsider my love affair with winter.....pipes froze again in the little house. :( no fun. looking forward to at least 30 degree weather!!! :)

  8. I like cold weather too. I wonder if that's an old ladybug? I remember my kids talking about the number of spots.

  9. Your pictures just warmed my heart this morning, thank you for that. I wish I could send you a bucket or two of snow. We got almost a foot yesterday and we are still getting flurries this morning. More snow this week-end, but at least the weather will be gorgeous. Have a beautiful week-end dear Tracey.

  10. I am very happy to see some signs of life where you are as things here are very much frozen and/or hibernating. Yes, I am tired of the cold - it has been SO cold here that it makes getting outside really, really unpleasant even when you are bundled up. Beautiful photos, Tracey, thank you for sharing :) xo

  11. thank you for the photos, it was much needed. You know I love winter but I cannot walk outside in zero degrees. Frodo gives me dirty looks. Love your views and I know you are enjoying those outside outings!!

  12. what amazing colours to see this time of year. thank you for sharing with us.
    enjoy your weekend!

  13. Hi Tracey. I just found your blog thru The Barefoot Crofter's. Your photos are so lovely. I look forward to looking at your past posts. Have a beautiful day!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  14. Tracey you live in a beautiful spot. The saturated color of the sky and surrounding nature is making me hopeful that we will see some color soon- a welcome relief from the winter greys. Have a beautiful weekend!

  15. gorgeous pictures as always! I was in San Fran yesterday and walked by a landscape company mowing the lawn! Our lawn is currently covered in snow. But even when it was 75 degrees here a couple of weeks ago our lawn was brown. Just now ready yet here!