Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The cure for anything is salt water-
                     the sea.

~ Isak Dinesen

While I work on Christmas
gifts year round the month
of December always finds
me with a list that is not

Since I know I have family
members that visit here I am
only showing you a peek of
what is currently taking up
most of my knitting time...
tis' the season. :)

I can share with you a future
yarn along project that I
was thrilled to win from
Susan B. Anderson and
Infinite Twist, The
Heyward Shawl Kit.
I am looking forward to
casting on just as soon
as all my Christmas knitting
is wrapped.

I am still reading My Sister's Grave
and can see it being made into
a tv movie in the future; it's
a very easy read.

Joining with  Ginny.


  1. That green yarn is exquisite! All those jewel tones. Beautiful.
    I always look forward to seeing what you do. All your knits are so inspiring to me. Wishing you happy continuation on all your projects!

  2. That green yarn is beautiful. Congratulations on winning such a lovely price.

  3. It is lovely to see your pictures, while here in the mountains snow is expected :0) Enjoy the beginning of the project... mari

  4. congrats on winning the shawl kit!!!! (is that a sashiko kit?)

  5. Gorgeous yarn! I didn't think I had any Christmas knitting, but last week I decided little man needed a new cowl and hubby needed a new scarf...my needles are clicking away :)

  6. Oh...have fun with that beautiful yarn!

  7. Congrats on winning that beautiful kits. That shawl is going to be lovely. Enjoy your Christmas knitting!

  8. what a pretty surprise you bought yourself. I love the green. This time of year is magical with all the secret knitting we are doing :)

  9. Your family and friends are very lucky to be recipients of your beautiful knitting! Will you give us a glimpse after you have given the gifts? Lucky you, that is a beautiful pattern and yarn!

  10. Ooh lots of lovely things here Tracey. Your quote is interesting. I remember when I was tiny falling and getting a septic knee. My father took me to the Drs and he prescribe salt water baths for my knee.

    I feel so selfish this year reading of all the gifts you have made as I've just completed my third hat for myself! I must get on with some stocking fillers for others.
    Enjoy knitting your gorgeous yarn.

  11. Nature is pretty in your neighborhood. That is a great mixed yellow green. It will make a lovely shawl.

  12. I just ordered from Infinite Twist too! I ordered the Wizzpopper in the Larkspur colorway. It will actually be a Christmas present from hubby (wasn't that nice of me to do the shopping for him?). And I do agree - saltwater is the cure for many things.

  13. All the shades of green in that yarn - beautiful! :)

  14. Such lovely, calm colours here today - nature really is the best inspiration. That Hayward shawl looks very inciting...I think I need to go follow that link! xo

  15. Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see your finished works after the holidays!

  16. ...mmm wish I was here.
    Love the yarn so pretty Tracey- enjoy knitting and the lovely scenery

  17. I love the quote of the beginning of your post, very true. All the photos are really nice and the yarn so pretty :)

    Lluisa xx

  18. That yarn is gorgeous. I love the green! Can't wait to see it made into a lovely project.

  19. Love the quote at the beginning of the post!
    and congrats on winning that set. You can't go wrong with a colour called "Lichen", how wonderful is that!?