Sunday, December 7, 2014


My To Do List For Today:

~  Count my blessings
~ Practice Kindness
~ Let go what I can't control
~ Listen to my heart
~ Be Productive yet calm
~ Just breathe

Thank you all so very much for your
well wishes concerning the passing
of my Pappaw. I am doing much
better and while I will miss him, I
will remember him and to me that is
very important.

My weekend has been filled with
shopping along side a sweet daughter
in love. We spent Saturday visiting
local shops and doing a little Christmas
buying. I discovered a new to me
shop Olive the Above that carries
flavored olive oils and balsamic
vinegars.; I could drink the honey
ginger vinegar by the mug! I might
have bought a few bottles to keep
in my kitchen ;)

I have been knitting away on my
Christmas gifts, finishing a pair of
socks and a pair of mittens.  I did
visit the LYS while in town and
brought home a few new yarns,
but they won't be cast on until
I finish what I've already started,
maybe ;) Is it the yarn fumes that
makes knitting so addictive? What
ever the cause I am thankful to
have learned this life skill.

I wanted to introduce you to the newest
member of the farm,  Lannister, a Bantam
rooster to keep Daenerys and Arya
company. He has the sweetest little
crow that has been bringing a smile
to my face all week.

My daughter, Erin, along with her love,
John and sweet little Emerson brought
me a tree today and even helped put the
lights on. I have started to pull out the
ornaments, many belonging to my Mike's
grandmother, and will slowly get the
tree decorated this week. I am in no
hurry, I am just going to enjoy each
activity the season brings and hold all
the memory making close to my heart.

Weekending with Karen


  1. what a lovely weekend.

    a 10 and an 11 year old decorated my tree.....and it looks it, but even that was a special memory making event, so that is the tree we have this year!

  2. I am glad to hear you are doing better. Time will ease the pain...
    Your weekend sounds wonderful! Shopping locally, spending time with loved ones, knitting and decorating the tree are all winners in my book.

  3. What a beautiful way to live in the moment. Thank you for sharing my friend. :0)

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better Tracey. Memories live on forever, and our hearts never forget.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. And how lovely of your daughter, son in love and Emerson to bring you a tree. Enjoy decorating it. xo

  5. So sorry for the loss of your Pawpaw. I love your "to do" list for the weekend. Great advice. Shopping with your new daughter-in-law sounds like fun. Good idea to just relax and take the season slow and enjoy it. Have a good Week.

  6. Tracey, those two words, "just breathe", are amazing words. Just thinking them can have as great a work on me as the actual breathing. SO important. And enjoying each and every thing our hands find to do is HUGE! Christmas isn't about rushing, but enjoying. I've been praying for you , my sweet friend.


  7. Yes, its totally the yarn fumes! ;))) so glad to read you are feeling more at peace and how your days with your family are bringing such joy to your life right now. Hope you will keep on breathing - especially those yarn fumes if that's what helps. xoxo

  8. that rooster is so handsome! i have told myself no new yarn until i get thru my current stash... eeeep!
    what pattern did you use on the mittens? they are lovely.

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss, Tracey. I hope you are finding some peace. And thanks for the reminder to breathe.

    I do love the colors you chose for the socks.

  10. Little ordinary special things are so healing. I don't have my tree up yet, but Christmas is slowly appearing around the house. I love your rooster - he looks very handsome xxx

  11. You got a rooster? How cool! and yes, honey ginger vinegar sounds very good, mmm!
    and i agree with you, knitting is a great skill to have learned and i am so happy i belong to this lovely community of knitters!

  12. So happy to read and feel you so happy... Those socks, I LOOOVE the colors. And the mittens are darling. I look at your ornaments, they are beautiful. I was a little upset a few years back : My mom, tired of her old ornaments, got rid of everything for new ones. I would have loved to keep a few... Maybe I will convince my mother-in-law to save me a few! :-)

    Lannister is so regal. That beautiful aqua in his tail feathers. Just so beautiful. So happy he has found a good home with you.

  13. Love the way you're choosing to live despite everything. Enjoy all that's wonderful in your life even those yarn fumes that are threatening to sideline your current WIPs. LOLOL!

  14. Oh my goodness - your banty rooster is gorgeous! And so are those mittens!

  15. What a lively post!! I agree with you, wool is got some kind of addictive substance so that's why keep us knitting and crocheting ;)

    Have a lovely week!!

    Lluisa xx

  16. Well hello there Lannister! Such an appropriate name :-)

    I love your philosophy - enjoy it all. I tend to look at it all as a series of TO DO lists. What kind of memories does that make? Thank you for the reality check dear Tracey <3

  17. Excellent to-do list! I plan on copying you as I always do and add those tasks to my list today.
    Welcome Lannister. : ) Lovely weekend happenings!

  18. I am happy you have a tree and maybe can catch some holiday spirit. love the name of the olive oil store, yum yum yum. I could go into a LYS buy yarn walk out and right back in and see something else to buy. I have got to stop....but I won't. The knitting keeps me sane.

  19. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Glad you got to have a gentle paced weekend. What beautiful pictures as always. Wishing you peace. x

  20. I was so sorry to hear about your pawpaw Tracey but I'm glad that you are to celebrate his life and remember all the good times that you had together and that you were there to hold his hand.

    It's sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your daughter in law. I must check out some those shops. We go through gallons of olive oil every year. I love the smell of pine tree and can't wait to get ours. Hopefully this weekend.

    Your new rooster is a very handsome devil. I can't wait to check laying chickens, hopefully next summer. I'll have to get to ask you for some advice about them before then.

    I'm with you on the intoxication of knitting. It's always my drug of choice when I need calm and comfort.
    Happy knitting.

  21. What a great list! I love it. The mittens are beautiful, someday I would like to make a pair. Practice makes perfect! :)

  22. Hello Mr. Handsome...I bet the girls are levitating over the fine fellow.
    Beautiful knits too Tracey- you have been busy, nice that you can spend some time with your family....always makes this time of year special.

  23. You are sipping in life this week. How fun to taste test new oils. Remind me of Williams-Sonoma and how they'd have all these olive oils and basalmics for you to taste test with mini bits of sourdough bread. I love the look is your finished knits. That roster has handsome feathers in back.