Thursday, October 16, 2014


Lets just be who
we really are.

I've had a productive week,
how about you?

I finally have  a menu for
the rehearsal dinner, which
is in two weeks! Yikes!

I ordered my dress from this
site recommended by Ginny;
my fingers are crossed that
it fits, since menopause I wake
to a new body each morning so
I'll let you know when it arrives.
Then all I need to do is find shoes.

I want [need] to gut my kitchen
and remodel in the worse way.
I found my dream oven, but need
to convince my Mike that almost
$20,000 is worth it. I think it's an
heirloom piece and a great invest-

I also would like to order a new
mattress, the one we have is
a little hard for me [Mike loves it]
and I discovered this company.
Do you have a wool mattress? If
so I would love to hear what you

There was a terrible storm the other
night, but it carried in much cooler
weather and I for one am thankful.
I have enjoyed taking a book sent
by a dear friend outside to read in
the hammock.

I have eaten a romaine, beet, feta
and pistachio salad every single
day for lunch, it's so good.

There is a special six year old here
for a few days and I don't think I
need to tell you how that makes
me feel. She is growing so fast
and I'm thankful I get some time
with her.

I have one question for you before
I say goodnight.  I have been thinking
about putting together a trip to Ireland.
A trip that takes in sheep, wool and all
the great knitting spots the country has
to offer. Oh, and seeing a few castles
would be awesome too. I wondered
if any of you out there would be interested
in going too?  It would probably take six
months to a year to get everything mapped
out, but first I wanted to see if anyone
was interested in going with me? Think
about it okay? I know we would have a

Sweet dreams to all of you and have a
great weekend.



  1. Love your dream oven, I always wanted one of those too. What color are you thinking about?

  2. I had no idea ovens could cost that much! Gulp.
    That salad looks delicious.

  3. Oh Tracey, your plans for Ireland sound amazing. What a wonderful trip that would be.

    You found a dress, exciting! Thanks for the link to Twice. I had been looking at ThredUp but they don't ship to Canada. It looks like Twice does :)

    We don't have a full wool mattress, but a rubber one that is then wrapped in wool. We love it!

    Have the most wonderful weekend. xo

  4. I have a good friend who has an aga......and of course, LOVES it! (She is the one whose house burned---no fault of the aga----and is now on her second one.) The ovens stay 'on' all the time, though; her kitchen is huge, so it doesn't matter too much. Another friend had one in a smaller kitchen and down here....the heat really got to her. Next house---no aga for her. (I still secretly want one, too!)
    TWO WEEKS! YOW!!!! Fingers crossed on the dress.
    Ireland? never been. want to go!

  5. Tracey, your trip to Ireland sounds like lots of fun. I don't think I'd be going, we just came back from ours, but I will look forward to your postings about it! My husband and I went to Scotland many years ago (pre-kids) and since I was organizing it, I set us to go to Fair Isle (for the knitting of course) and we stayed in a Bird Observatory (for my bird-watching husband). it was perfect! Though very far to get to :-) But Ireland... yes it is in our plans. Some day.

    I had a wool mattress growing up (in Chile). That's all we had, I think, for a long while. I don't remember much, except that it after a while (not sure how long... couple of years? every year? every 3 years?) it would form my shape, and then I wouldn't be able to roll. I got stuck. But then my mom would have it "fixed" again, and it would be fine again. But I don't know much more. These are just memories from when I was 5-7 years old. Almost 40 years ago :-) I wouldn't even go by my memories to decide buy a wool mattress. It actually sounds great!

    Tracey, thank you for all your beautiful photos. Every time I come I get so inspired. By your photographs, by the words, your words, your stories, your knitting, your cooking.... thank you (once again) for sharing it all here, for all of us to enjoy. I love your header photo right now (like all the other ones you've had, of course.)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Ho lovely to see your girl's smiling face - enjoy your days with her.
    With John's illness, i couldn't commit to a trip to Ireland, even though it would be fab - of course if you cane here ... ;)
    I had an Aga in my last house and loved it so much. I was thinking about it just the other day, in fact. I wonder though, if it would be worth it for you, in your warm climate. They are usually on all the time, and you might find it gets too hot in your kitchen Ifor a good part of the year. xxx

  7. Tracey, I wish I could go to Ireland with you! It would be an amazing trip and I know we would love it. Sadly, it is not in my near future. :-( With two girls close to college age our budget wouldn't allow for it... I can dream though, maybe in a few years...
    Those AGA stoves are amazing! Good luck convincing the hubby that one is essential to your happiness. :-)
    Have a great weekend!!

  8. SOMEDAY I'm going to go to Ireland/Scotland/Wales... We have a wool mattress topper and love it!

  9. A trip to Ireland would be amazing. Wish I was in a position to plan with you. I hope it works out and you have a great time. (:

    (also - woohoo! fall weather finally!)

  10. oh how i wish in a year or so i would be able to go. what a trip that would be!
    so that oven looks AMAZING! what color would you get it??

  11. I will go with you in spirit Tracey- I would love too...that sounds like SO much fun!!!!
    That mattress looks dreamy( no pun intended) add the stove and you will be levitating-I'm sure of it. Have a wonderful time with your little cutie.

  12. I would so go with you to Ireland, that is my dream destination!
    You have so much on your plate right now, Tracey. Many wonderful things, continue to treat yourself to wonderful things like a good book and an even better salad. I will be dreaming about that salad!

  13. love that daily salad! Ireland sounds like a fantastic place to visit but I'll be swimming in wedding plans :) I'll be with you in knitting spirit cheering you on :)

  14. Your Emerson is a real beauty! Oh boy, you are gaining to be/already are BUSY! A wedding so close now! How I would love to go to Ireland with you, that would be fun, someday - sigh. Happy planning to you! xo

  15. OH MY GOSH!!! Misty's daughter, Ashton would be all over that Ireland trip!! She got to go for an intensive study while in college, but is wanting to go back. Keep me up on how that trip is progressing. I'm sure she would LOVE to tag along. She would probably like to taking in some significant Literary places too!

  16. Aww! I wish you could pack me along. I want to go to Ireland. That first weather pic is glorious. And the last...beautiful. She is a darling.