Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The human
spirit needs
places where
nature has
not been
by the hand
of man.


 With cooler temperatures arriving
I have resumed work on my blanket,
one I started back in May of 2013!
The blanket has spent months in
timeout due to a careless mistake I
made and then kept knitting thinking
it wouldn't bother me, it did. I ripped
out 6,960 stitches and am now back
on track.  I would love to give this
as a gift this Christmas so it will be
seeing a lot of knitting time.

On my night stand this week is
The Honey Thief, a book I picked
up while thrift shopping and one
that has started out quite well so
I have high hopes.

Joining with Ginny


  1. Oh that ripping out must have hurt, but I get it. Mistakes bug me too, and I often find myself frogging so that it won't bother me. Glad you are back on track.

    Happy knitting!

  2. That takes so much patience Tracey- holy moly that's a lot of stitches- it looks beautiful....love your new header, perfection.

  3. the book looks wonderful! love the cover :) yay for blanket knitting and I see signs of fall where you are!!! yippee!

  4. I've been there and done that. Kept knitting even though I kept going back looking at my mistake. Should have just knitted back then but kept telling myself it'll be ok. Takes a lot of patience though, doesn't it? Just from the looks of the cover, I think I would have picked that book up as well.

  5. Oh Tracey, you actually counted that many stitches?! (and frogged them?) Arrgh. You're a more patient woman than me!

  6. I bet it feels good to work on that blanket again. I bet you get it finished by Christmas. Looking forward to seeing the progress. It looks like a beautiful design.

  7. Love the off white! Did you post a link to the pattern? Would love to see where all hose stir he's were!:)))

  8. Love all these lovely photos! I do not knit so I can only imagine your frustration…on the other hand your book looks interesting.

  9. Tracey, I just love how much thought you put into your photos! that one with the basket at your feet, love it! so much fall goodness, i'm so happy about the new season. good luck with the blanket and happy fall knitting!

  10. 6,960 stitches? Oh my! You do have incredible patience. I REALLY admire that :) I agree with Sylvia your photos are always so lovely.

  11. Gorgeous photos! That is great that you got back to your blanket. :) I am such a novice knitter - I always pray that I don't make a mistake because for me, it usually means starting over! Thanks for such a lovely post. :)

  12. that is a lot of ripping, but if the project never gets done because of a mistake it is better to start fresh! love to see it when it is all done. :)

  13. I know the feeling of ripping out your blanket, I have ripped out mine a couple of times. The color of the blanket is beautiful! :)

  14. The blanket is lovely...although ripping back that many stitches would have me in tears :-)

  15. Leaves of Grass is one of the most beautiful knits I have seen and your yarn looks so scrumptious in that close-up.

  16. Oh. The Horror. Of ripping out almost 7000 stitches!

  17. What a lovely quote Tracey, so true. Love the photos, I hope your foot has mended enough to get about, then? I have not heard of the Honey Thief, will love to hear your thoughts on it. Lastly, 6960 stitches?!!! Good grief. Well, God bless you for your determination and generosity. Not sure I could have done it. It does look very beautiful though, so I'm glad it is in your hands and not mine ;) xo

  18. Tracey, wonderful pictures - you captured autumn so bretty - and how many stitches left? Oh my goodness .... You're brave!
    Have a happy happy time

  19. it really IS getting to be blanket time for knitting.....umaro is again calling my name. (yikes!!!! 7.000 stitches shorter! aren't you sort of sorry you counted??? it will be heirloom quality, though, when you are done!)

  20. Ho dang! What a whopper of frogging. So sorry. That hurts. But we knitters are resilient. Ain't nothing gonna keep us down.