Sunday, September 28, 2014


To practice any art, no matter
how well or badly, is a way to
make your soul grow.
So do it!

~ Kurt Vonnegut

I was honored by Leigh from
Leighside Knits to participate
in a blog Q & A post so here

What am I working on?

While I have several projects in baskets around
my studio my attention has been focused on
two projects, Tea Olive Leg Warmers and Aise'.
The leg warmers were a spur of the moment, I
must cast something on right now! project that
I made up as I went along, while Aise' is a long
term project that lives next to my rocking chair,
one I pick up each day and work a row or two
when I have a few spare moments.

How does my work differ from others in it genre?

Truthfully I don't think my work is different from
other knitters. Since learning to knit 4.5 years ago
I have learned and grown from so many others
and I like to think there is a little part of them in
everything I create. Without so many other kind
and sharing souls I know I would not be where
I am today with my craft so thank you.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I think I've mentioned it before, but I
create because it is part of who I am.
As far back as I can remember I have
created whether it's painting, drawing,
cross stitch or cooking....I create because
it makes me who I am, my soul would
wither if it couldn't create. Right now my
passion is knitting, but I have a list of
things I want to accomplish in this life,
weaving, sculpturing, pottery, spinning,
dying yarns, wood working,  [I've given
up on sewing my own clothes, ahem.]
I have dreams of owning my own kiln
and wheel one day,  throwing clay for
hours, but for all my dreams I still see
knitting as part of my life, always!

How does my writing/creative process work?

Ahem, this is a tough question for me, it's something
I've never really thought about.   Most of the time
I see a pattern that I love, the texture, style, color
and I know I need to have it on my needles. There
have been times when I am standing in the LYS
and see a yarn that just speaks to me and I bring
it home and then spend hours trying to find just
the right pattern to use, as it the case with my
Aise'.  Living in a southern, coastal area has influenced
what I knit since we rarely see snow, but I keep
holding out for a huge climate change so I can work
on some heavier knits. ;)

Leigh, thank you so much for the opportunity to share
and now I am suppose to keep the hop moving and
invite others to share their story...
Kim from Mothering with Mindfulness
Anke from Our Little Piece of Heaven
would you please share your stories?
And it there is anyone else out there who
wants to share, please do, I know we
would  all love to read your stories.


  1. I'm finding these blog hop posts fascinating. There seem to be a number of variants doing the rounds but all have essentially the same questions and all lead to some fascinating insights into other folks working processes :)

  2. Oh this is so much fun Tracey :) can I participate now that I am blogging again?


  3. beautiful projects you have going!! I'm loving all those earthy greens!

  4. Love these blog hops :) I will get on it Tracey, and post something, most likely next weekend.

    Thanks for the nomination. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Thank's for nominating me Tracey. I might not be able to post right away (our schedules are crazy right now) but I will definitely do it. Have a great start into this week!

  6. loved getting to know you :) your knitting is beautiful and so are you!!

  7. We just need more hours in our day to get all this creativity accomplished!

  8. Thank you for sharing a little more about you, I love how there are still so many things you want to learn how to do! Wouldn't pottery be fun! And weaving too.... LOVE your leg warmers, that colour is perfect :) xo hope your foot is feeling better already.

  9. So nice to read about you and your process. You are one those ..." creative types" and that is what I love about you Tracey- never know what your making or what your up too. Ps. lurv your leg warmers :)

  10. I loved reading this Tracey, thanks for sharing. I think depending on what season we are in in life our creating process evolves, and it is inspiring to read about other women's passions!

  11. oh dear....i've just been tagged from a different blog-hop.....i should have written mine before reading yours.....because our philosophies are so much alike; i'll try really really hard not to copycat!!!