Thursday, September 25, 2014


Everyday- a
little bit of


This week I have managed
to drop a large cast iron
trivet on my large toe and
break it, jam my index finger
and cause to swell, and while
cooking dinner leave scalding
burn marks on the inside of
my forearm!. In spite of  all
the harm I have inflicted on
myself it really hasn't been
a terrible week.

The cold front finally made
it's appearance here and it has
allowed me to turn off the air
conditioner and open all the
windows.  Fall...I love it!

The cat, Miss Bette Davis and
I have cuddled on the couch,
me trying to read, her wanting

Chai tea has made it's way back
into my days along with eating
dinner by twinkly lights and
candles scattered about

I made a batch of granola and
discovered when the jar was almost
empty after a day that the 17
year old loves it too ;)

I spent an hour trying to capture
photos of butterflies and was surprised
by a hummingbird. I was only able to
click two fast shots [the one above and this
one from the Yarn Along post] before
he realized I was standing there and off
he flew.

I went browsing to buy a dress for the
upcoming wedding [November 1] and
while I didn't find a dress for the
wedding I did bring home a 100% merino
wool Etcetera dress in perfect condition
for $4.00!  I really don't want to buy
new, I always buy used, it's just the
way I shop, but now I'm starting to get
a little worried.  I'm going to give
myself two more weeks before I
really panic.

I'm looking forward to the weekend
and hoping to get in a little hiking if
the front moves off my coast. What
about you, do you have plans? Whatever
they are I hope they bring a smile!

Update... hiking this weekend? No,
not with how my toe is this morning,
thank goodness for knitting!



  1. OUCH! I'm sorry your body has been so abused of late! Still, your days sound wonderful, as always. Cool weather, tea, kitty snuggles, and granola sounds great to me!

  2. Oh no Tracey, that doesn't sound good at all. Hope you are on your way to recovery from all those bumps and bruises.

    Wishing you luck on the dress front. Enjoy your weekend. xo

  3. Oh Tracey, I pray that you are feeling better my friend I am sorry that all of that has happened this week. :-(... in regards to dress shopping, be open to possibilities, is it a very formal wedding, or casual? can you continue to peruse the Salvation Army or thrift stores? you are going to have to do this quite often, since they receive donations every day ;-D

  4. So sorry about all the injuries, although, I'm sure that awesome Etcetera thrifting find helped to ease the pain. ;) Lovely hummingbird photo! They've been buzzing around our house as well.

  5. Tracey, I'm so sorry to hear you had so many painful mishaps this week. But I love that you still find the beautiful and positive in every day!

  6. YOW! It hurt just reading about your mishaps! You know you are going to find the perfect dress when you are looking for something else....maybe you should go yarn shopping.

  7. Oh poor Tracy. I hope that the trend has finished and you have no more accidents. What an amazing shot of the humming bird. How beautiful. You know that I have the same dislike of shopping for clothes especially when it's for something special. I'm sure that you find something suitable in time.
    Happy weekend. I hope to do more box unpacking and sorting out. I hope that you get to the coast as planned.

  8. oh my feel better and you must have been moving fast to drop something so heavy on yourself! I love the idea of a vintage outfit, you will be fine with whatever you wear because you are beautiful :)

  9. well, they say things come in threes, right? so hopefully you're finished with the injury business. ouch! hope all is feeling a little better.

  10. Oh my goodness, what a "painful" week you had. I hope all your "boo-boos" heal quickly! That Etcetera dress sounds like a real score, good for you! I love those great second hand finds!! Found a few really great things for myself lately and couldn't be happier with them.
    Have a wonderful and accident free weekend! :-)

  11. I hope all your owees heal quickly and that you have a lovely weekend...

  12. Tracey- take it easy, I feel for you. Heal up drink tea and knit. So sorry, hugs.
    I would dive into that bowl of Granola- it's my favorite thing on earth, I can see why your son inhales it- yum!
    Have a wonderful weekend and feel better soon :)

  13. So sorry about your toe, and arm, and finger -- ouch. :( I like to buy used as well and rarely step into the mall. I hate the mall. Really. Anyway, I hope you find the perfect dress soon, my friend! That wedding is coming quickly, isn't it?!! PS: My Daniel loves homemade granola, too. :)

  14. The hot chai made a comeback in my mason jar too! Yesterday I managed to drop the large KitchenAid mixer on the floor, causing a large dent in the linoleum - luckily no body parts or small animals were injured, though the little babe did rat me out to my husband when he came home!

  15. Just the thought of that pan landing on your toe - ouchy!!! I think you should stay out of the kitchen and maybe knit and read :-)
    Good luck on dress shopping. I'm sure you will find something soon.

  16. So sorry about your accidents. Maybe it's a message to just sit and read and sip tea all week. And knit of course.
    I love your photos today..and I WISH it was cool enough to make me want chai.

  17. Ugh, clothes shopping :-(. Sorry to hear about your painful woes. At least there's knitting :-D.

  18. Hope your toe and all the little bodily mishaps have started to heal well. Glad you were able to enjoy the everyday despite the little incidents. (((hugs))) Yes .. thank God ... there's always knitting.

  19. OH, be careful. Your poor toe! I have some pretty cool hummingbird pictures from last summer in the mountains and I actually took them with my iphone (since my camera died it's the only camera I have). You'll find the perfect dress and I hate buying new too! crazy expensive.

  20. Goodness, it has been a trying week for you! I enjoyed your post and hope you feel good as new soon. You reminded me I need to make a batch of granola soon. Hoping you find the perfect dress!

  21. Ouch! I do hope you're haling and avoiding further injury x

  22. Oh no! I am so sorry about your poor toe :( I hope it will heal quickly so you can back out on your walks. Thank goodness for knitting indeed! Beautiful photos, as always, Tracey. xoxo

  23. Ouchie x 3! Pls take it easy and slow down.