Thursday, July 24, 2014


May your coming year be filled
with magic and dreams and good
madness.  I hope you read some
fine books and kiss someone who
thinks you're wonderful, and don't
forget to make some art-write or
draw or build or sing or live as only
you can.
And I hope, somewhere in the next
year, you surprise yourself.

~ Neil Gaiman

 This week has been hot and humid,
rain coming down sideways.
The power going out every....single...
day...making me have to reset all
the clocks in the house...every....single...

Knitting, but then there is always
knitting and this week even a little
embroidery too.

Getting to bottle my
lacto fermented blueberry soda
after getting my second ginger bug
to live, the first one never did bubble.
It actually taste pretty good.

Preparing my home and yard for a
party. My baby [and yes, he will always
be my baby] is turning 17 tomorrow. I'm
really not sure what to think of that since
in my head I am 17! This is my child who
never causes me any worry, who would
rather read than do anything else, who
always has a kind word and an offer of a
helping hand. A young man who always
makes me smile.  I am humbled and
honored to be his mama.
I love you Alex.

Enjoy the weekend my dear friends, I plan



  1. What a lovely tribute to your son. I am sure his kindness is also a reflection on how you raised him too Tracey- wishing him the happiest of birthdays :)
    We have 56 degrees- I am waiting for the snow to fall- what is going on???? Sometimes I wish it got really hot and humid here- just for a day- enjoy the rain.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh I hate re-setting the clocks! Happy, happy birthday to your Alex! How blessed he is to have you as his momma!!

  3. What a blessed mama you are indeed! Have a wonderful weekend, Tracey. Hugs

  4. Happiest of birthday's to Alex. And happy birthing day to you Tracey. Enjoy the celebrations!

  5. Happy birthday to your son. He sounds a lot like my Josh - just an all around nice guy! Happy days to you all!

  6. I hope your son has a birthday that makes him full of happiness.

  7. Oh I have a son like that :-) my middle son - Sebastian. What a joy he is to me...but then so is my oldest ;) Sons are just so special... aren't they? Happy Birthday to yours...may Alex continue to grow to be a fine man! mari

  8. Love him-hope Alex has a great birthday!!

  9. i know you are going to have the best birthday ever for your babe!!! Happy day, Alex!!!! (Hoping the weather cooperates for the celebration)

  10. Happy birthday!! I have watched him grow up on this space of yours. May he have a wonderful year ahead filled with love luck and happiness.

  11. What a wonderful young man, and sweet mama. I hope he has the best birthday ever!

  12. Your son reflects the qualities his lovely sweet mama. Congrats on your awesome parenting. Love that photo of him.

  13. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man. You must have done something right raising him. :-) Wishing him a happy, joyous day and year. May all his dreams come true!!

  14. bummer about the daily power outages. ugh.
    and happy birthday to your baby. what a handsome young man…wonderful portrait!

  15. Happy Birthday to your baby! How wonderful that hevis a reader. So many good little time.

  16. What beautiful words from a mother to son... Wishing him a happy birthday and you a wonderful week-end!

    P.S. Love Neil Gaiman... Love the quote! xo

  17. I had to giggle at your baby turning 17 Tracey when you are still there yourself. He sounds like the perfect son. So kind, just like his mum.
    You are doing lots of interesting things and introducing me to new processes. I hope once we move and settle to try out some of them for myself.
    I hope that you keep the power for the weekend and enjoy celebrating a wonderful birthday party together.
    ps I'm seeking out your new read after checking to see what it's about. My maiden name is SInclair Taylor. The Sinclair is a family name passed on from my maternal granny Annie Sinclair Lawson. I know the novel is fictional but I feel I have to read it now...I'm intrigued.

  18. I missed the big day but I'm very happy to hear that he had a wonderful day!

  19. Oops, I am late to the party but I hope it was a happy one! What a lovely tribute to wrote for your sons birthday! & yes don't we all still feel like we are 17.

  20. Happy belated birthday wishes to your baby! He sounds like a truly wonderful person :) xo