Sunday, July 27, 2014


There is sunshine in
my soul today!

~ Pinterest

Thank you all so much for the birthday
wishes, I passed each one on to Alex
and he too says thank you.

We had a fun time getting together
Friday evening, laughing, cooking,
enjoying the love as only a family
can. Even when a massive front
hit bringing thunder, dangerous lightening
and buckets of rain, we just moved
everything inside and continued on
with the celebration.

Saturday dawned with bright sunshine
and with it plans for the beach. A
good friend and I spent the day sitting
at the shore, soaking up the sunshine,
talking non stop. We strolled down to
a local restaurant to pick up lunch and
bring it back to eat on the beach. I'm not
sure what it is, but being at the shore
renews my spirit. It really was a perfect

Today it's suppose to be really, really
hot!  I don't have any plans except
to knit, other than that I am just going
to go with the flow.

I hope there is sunshine in your weekend.

Joining with Karen


  1. I'm glad you finally got to go to the beach! Being there with a friend must have made it even better. :-) Stay cool today and have a great Sunday!

  2. You made it to the beach, finally. I can totally appreciate how it makes you feel, it does the same for me. Actually being by any body of water, even a little creek, renews my spirit.

    Enjoy your day Tracey. xo

  3. Lovely that you were able to spend some time at the water. It can be very rejuvenating. Even better that you were spending time with a good friend. Try not to wilt in the heat love.

  4. Your family sounds like mine...nothing, not even bad weather holds us back from a celebration!! We are getting those storms today. It is very humid again. I am so glad you had a wonderful day for the beach! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! (Oh, the pinwheels from my post came from the Dollar Store!)

  5. What a lovely way to pass the day. Glad your son had a great la hanau.

  6. I think whenever we are in our favorite spaces where ever those spaces are, fills a soul to the brim. I can see you sitting on the beach with food and a friend, and I can see you by yourself :) I'm glad your son had a good party and you sound happy and content, Yay!! The week is gearing up to be busy for me!!

  7. yep, we bbq'd in the rain too. Although ours was just rain, no thunderstorm this time! Glad the celebration continued.

  8. I need to find myself a sandy beach this summer. They are so far from us... We'll make it happen! Sounds like a wonderful time.

    Wishing you an equally lovely week. xo