Monday, July 21, 2014


 Ride the energy of your
own unique spirit.

~Gabrielle Roth

I started before I knew who my new
friend would be, but finished once I
knew her name.

A knit cotton dish towel to hang in
her kitchen,
a cloth to wipe down her counters.

Jam sealed in jars to be opened

at her table.

A gourd, cut, sanded, painted and
sewn just for her.

A market bag, that while I didn't sew
[and if you know me you know that's
a good thing],  but I did sew on the
buttons selected from my special jar
of buttons that I collect.

Now to find a box and they are on there
way, enjoy my new friend, it's been a
pleasure poking around your blog,
getting to know your spirit, I hope
you like the gifts.

Summer blog Swap


  1. Oh Tracey, I am sure your new friend will truly love each gift.... mari

  2. What a lovely swap package. I am sure she will love it!

  3. What a lucky swap partner! I am so impressed that you are finished already!! I have begun my gifts but only barely!! You have put together such a thoughtful loving package!

  4. What special treasures you've created and sending on their way to someone whom I am sure will appreciate them for being just that...treasures.

    You are a treasure, Tracey. You truly are.

  5. How unique...I bet she'll love them all. :) I'm joining in this time, too, but I'm not even close to being ready for shipping... Happy Tuesday, dear Tracey.
    xo Lisa

  6. Tracey those gifts are beautiful and I am sure will be treasured! Love what you came up with for the swap!!

  7. beautiful! Whoever she is, she is a very lucky lady :)

  8. Your swap recipient is going to be very happy when she gets her package. What wonderful gifts.

  9. The recipient of your lovely goodies will be very lucky especially to receive those scrumptious looking jams.

  10. She is one lucky lady your swap partner - these gifts are fantastic.
    I love the goard

  11. Great gifts that are straight from the heart!

  12. what a fabulous box of goodies!!!!! lucky lucky lucky someone!

  13. I have one more thing to make and then shop for some city souvenirs. I'm excited about this swap.

  14. What a lovely idea, l have never heard of a blog swap gifts before.
    Such a great way to build community out here in the internet. xx

  15. Wow! What beautiful gifts!! I'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled!!

  16. What wonderful things you've created.

  17. Whom ever the person be, she is a lucky lucky person! Those gifts are lovely. :-)

  18. Yeah, **I** am that special girl! I love each and every treasure you have sent to me new friend! I found this entry after I posted a comment on another post. Sorry, but this is the right one to say, THANK YOU!!!!! I most treasure them...they are all me! {hug tight}