Sunday, July 20, 2014


 Change your thoughts and
you change your world.

~Norman Vincent Peale

My weekend started early Friday
morning when I drove to an exit
off of I-95 to pick up my favorite
almost 6 year old to spend the day
while her mama continued to drive
to Presbyterian College {PC} to
pick up some of her students. My
daughter is a culinary arts teacher
who is working on her degree to
become a Principle and a person
I am very proud of.

Saturday brought cloudy, drizzly
skies so my beach trip was moved
to next weekend.  I decided to work
on my knitting, but discovered a
mistake in my Aise, in the row below
where I was knitting. After spending
an hour with a tiny crochet hook I
finally got everything back in order,
then I took a nap!

There was a trip to the market for
a few things then a stop at Jersey Mike's Subs
for a vegetarian with all the works that
I brought home to eat while reading
my book. 

I am still picking blueberries and lots
of figs. I discovered a little nest tucked
into the branches of the fig tree, smart
mama bird.  Late last night I made a batch
of Fig, ginger, lemon, honey preserves
and it tastes amazing. I am waiting on
my guys to arrive home to make a batch
of buttermilk biscuits to serve at dinner
so we can eat a jar. I might need to make
a few more batches of this, I think it
would make nice Christmas gifts.

Today the rain is still here. I have my
knitting and a movie to watch. Oh,
and today is National Ice Cream Day
so I need to pull out the ice cream
maker. Enjoy your day.

Joining with Karen


  1. So much goodness in your weekend. So happy you got to spend some time with Emerson. It has been grey and drizzling all weekend here too. Hope you enjoy your day today Tracey.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And a nap is certainly in order after fixing a time consuming mistake!

  3. Sorry you had to move your beach trip, but it sounds like you were able to fill the weekend with lots of goodness anyway. The fig preserves sound amazing and I bet they were a hit with the freshly baked biscuits.

  4. Amazing weekend! Enjoy to the fullest!

  5. Sounds like a peaceful way to spend the weekend and you made the most out of needing to move the beach trip! The weather here hasn't been too rain just lots of gray clouds. The jam sounds delicious! And I didn't know it was National Ice Cream Day. We have some ice cream now I need to make a big deal out of it! :-)

  6. Your granddaughter has a very infectious smile, Tracey. Your preserves you made look amazing and I am sure they will be absolutely delicious on those biscuits you are making for dinner. ;) I'm sorry that your beach day had to be postponed...but now you have something to look forward to next weekend! Have a wonderful week, Tracey.

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful and productive weekend!! Your granddaughter is so cute!! You are blessed!!

  8. so so so happy you spent the weekend with that girl! The quote is from an author that changed my aunt's life around. She is the most positive person I know, no matter what life throws at her and I want to be her when I grow up :) I would be proud of your daughter as well :)

  9. Yumm throes biscuits & fig preserves sounds amazing! So happy for you that you got to spend the day with your beautiful granddaughter ....your weekend sounded perfect!

  10. Lovely... what a beauty with her toothless grin!

  11. Those preserves sound very interesting. I would love to taste them. What an interesting combination of flavors! Your grand daughter is so sweet. So glad you can spend some more time together!

  12. your preserves sounds delis!!! l Love that pretty girl; great photo of her sweetness

  13. It sounds like a lovely weekend indeed, without the rain might have been even better of course!

  14. Love the photo of your granddaughter...she is well loved, that is obvious! :) I saw my Charlotte this morning at church and soaked in each moment, each smile. Your preserves sound delicious, Tracey, as do the biscuits. We spent today with friends and got home late. I nodded off during the long drive home and then found myself wide awake once my head was on the pillow. Sigh. Sending wishes your way for a happy Monday. :)

  15. I love the pic of Emerson - always so full of life and happiness! I'm sorry your beach plans got rained out. We saw mostly clouds this weekend but no rain. It did not make for a nice beach day at all. And let's hear it for wonderful daughters!

  16. Busy, busy weekend my friend :=) the quote is just perfect to start my week! mari

  17. You are so busy! I haven't stopped by here in far too long, but it is so wonderful to "hear" your voice and see your photos again. xoxi

  18. Wonderful I have serious fig and blueberry envy as we can't grow either here. The jam sounds amazing I'm sure that I could eat a whole jar single handedly. What a sweet find the nest was.
    Enjoy your ice cream.

  19. Love the quote!
    And I just can not see you at Jersey Mikes Subs.
    Even getting the vegetarian sub.

  20. what a stellar weekend!!! all your favs....all together (well, maybe missing the beach, but it's on the horizon!!!) must try that jam....sounds yum.

  21. Ooh your yummies sound and look delicious. How talented you are and what a passion you must inspired in your daughter. Love seeing your granddaughter.

  22. What a wonderful weekend Tracey, l'm quite envious of all the goodness. I must carve out some quiet time this coming weekend, l've got a knitting project that's calling my name!