Thursday, July 17, 2014


Good food is wise medicine.

~Alison Levitt M.D

I do love this time of year when you can walk
in the garden, pick a few items and carry them
back inside to make a meal, pure bliss.
In my kitchen this week there has been....

* yogurt cherry smoothies
* roasted tomato sauce over spaghetti
   squash with yogurt cheese
* lots of yogurt cheese and whey
* more lacto fermented salsa
* lots and lots of fresh figs [my favorite]
* Blueberry Galette
* fresh produce
* just picked cantaloupe
* salads with fresh green beans and cold
   boiled potatoes {thanks Camilla}

Joining with Heather


  1. Beautiful pictures and lots of delicious food.
    Have you ever tryed slices of cold potatoes on rye bread with mayo, small touch of salt and chives on top? It is a must in DK by danes when new fresh danish potatoes are for sale.
    By the way cute qoute :-)

  2. Looks awfully healthy & good! I make that salad all the time...potatoes & green beans favorite!

  3. Your smoothie sounds wonderful, Tracey...and love the figs. And we've already discussed that gorgeous blueberry galette! ~wink~ xo

  4. Our growing season is just too short, too cool, for cantaloupe. :( Yours looks delish and makes me think the one ripening on my counter should be sliced for this morning's b'fast. Enjoy your day, Tracey!

  5. Always good things in your kitchen Tracey. That salad looks amazing!

  6. Take that, cherry pit! Yum yum.

  7. Are those your figs? Everything looks delicious as usual.

  8. i love hopping from kitchen to kitchen on the blog hop!!! yummy stuff there (and inspirational!)

  9. oh my! your food posts always make my mouth water :) lacto fermented salsa! wow! i am going to have to check that out.

  10. So much good food comes out of your kitchen Tracey! Your boys are spoiled!

  11. How beautiful and delicious and truly good!

  12. Your pictures are beautiful. Those figs look amazing.

  13. Yummy and fresh food with wonderful photos... what a gift!

  14. Oh, you're speaking so many of my languages. I can't wait until fermented salsa time! Most of our tomatoes are still just flowers here -- a much later in the summer thing for us. And figs, oh! On my top ten of things I miss most about home.

  15. Oh.. nice, Tracey.. Your smoothie must have been delicious.. I so look forward to having our own produce brought down to the cottage from our garden .. It all looks wonderful... xo

  16. What beautiful pictures! I especially the cherry yogurt smoothies and fermented salsa. I've never tried that before, but love the idea! Thanks for sharring!


  17. love the you know! I love salads year round but they do taste better in the summer, don't they? Something about the heat I guess.