Sunday, June 8, 2014


You are the books you read, the films
you watch, the music you listen to, the
people you meet, the dreams you have,
the conversations you engage in. You
are what you take from these. You are
the sound of the ocean, the breath of
fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest
corner. You are a collective of every
experience you have had in your life.
You are every single day. So drown
yourself in a sea of knowledge and
existence. Let the words run through
your veins and let the colors fill your

~ Tumblr

This weekend has been
embracing my grey that
is slowly coming through
and getting my hair cut.
I found a style I really love
and may keep it for awhile.

I held an almost brand new
baby, smelling that sweet
smell, rubbing her little feet
and listening to her tiny wail
when she was hungry.

I visited the local Goodwill and
came away with a little pyrex
bowl  70's gold, so groovy ;)

There has been a thunderstorm
every evening dumping buckets
of rain and scaring all the critters.
Poor Amy [a rescued German
Short Hair] hides under the bed
shaking and unfortunately they
are predicting storms all week.

This morning though the sun is
shining and the beach is calling.
I hope you are enjoying a great

Weekending with Karen


  1. You're just beautiful! I love your smile and your grey is awesome! Don't you just love the sweet baby smells, even when they're crying? :D

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. You go. Your smile is radiant and oh, the smell of babies. Unique and priceless.

  3. Beautiful picture of a beautiful lady! :-) The orange pyrex bowl is great, my favorite color! We've had storms here almost since Thursday. It may not storm all day, but we've had enough for a while.

  4. i LOVE the gray :) you already look so beautiful... you will be absolutely striking when it is all in! i love thunderstorms as well... but i hear that they aren't quite as intense here in oregon... and we rarely get them.

  5. I love the hair style and the gray :) I think it suits you and you look younger!! I loved visiting with you and another visit cannot come soon enough :)

  6. I love the gray and am embracing mine as it comes through :) You are beautiful Tracey, your skin is glowing.

    Nice thrifting find. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Your gray hair looks great! Embrace it, you have (as I have) earned every one of them! Ha ha!! Love the style too! I love my gray hair, and I have gotten so many compliments since I quit putting artificial color on it. The color is not who I was, but somehow I didn't feel like I could just let go and be completely gray at 25 years old. Now I am at an age to wear it gracefully! (I think?) LOL Enjoying my Birth-A-versary weekend with my favorite peeps this weekend! Enjoy the rest of your day cousin! Love you all!!

  8. You are embracing yourself :~) ... beautiful! mari

  9. hello tracey.
    i would love to have some squash seed if
    you still have some. i was thinking of sending
    some of my seeds if you like.

  10. Hello you lovely girl. It has to be commented on how beautiful your complexion is!
    Love your Pyrex find, Goodwill is just the best for finding those hidden treasures.

  11. Your weekend sounds delightful, Tracey! Isn't it wonderful to have contact with a newborn? Oh my...the sweetness all bundled up! We've had some storms over our way, too. As a matter of fact it is raining right now. But we've not really had any bad storms so far. It was great reading about your weekend!

  12. Haircut looks great - carefree and easy! None of our dogs like storms - they most of them follow me around the house when it is storming, but one just lays in one spot and shakes and drools. We can't do dinner time if it is storming because two of them won't eat. Summer is a rough time for them!

  13. Another beautiful photo...I love your haircut it really suites you. I'm noticing more and more streaks of grey in mine recently. Oh I miss new babies...there haven't been any in our circle for a while. Enjoy the new baby smell. Enjoy your day on the beach.

  14. Your hair looks great! I really like that style on you. There is something about holding babies that is so peaceful....

  15. i LOVE the quote. so true, so amazing. the hair cut looks amazing and what a sweet wee bundle! and good goodwill find! i love the old pyrex! it is my favorite!

  16. You're beautiful Tracey! And I love your new pyrex bowl :)

  17. Embrace the grey! Your hairstyle looks awesome. We've had a lot of storms too. But while they are damaging in some areas, I am loving the soaking rain, means I haven't turn on the sprinkler system yet!

  18. what a great photo!!!!! Loving the haircut....and the grey!!!! (I get tickled with all the fabulous photos of grey-haired women you pin on pinterest....never knew anyone so ready to embrace the look!!!)