Monday, June 9, 2014


"Find the one thing in life
 that makes your soul sing"

~ Leonardo da Vinci



Four years ago with the help of
You Tube and Knitting for Dummies
I fulfilled a life long dream and
taught myself to knit.  Since that
first day I have not missed a single
day from picking up my needles and
yarn. I knit everywhere and anytime,
day and night.  I knit with all kinds
of fiber from silk to cotton, alpaca
to wool. I like to use wood needles
or light weight metal needles with
a good tip.
For the last two years I have been
keeping a scrap book of my projects,
a little piece of yarn, the yarn band,
how I felt about the project. Basically
it's a record of how I have spent a
lot of the hours in my life and it's
a treasured keepsake.
I have different projects for different
times of the day or where I happen
to be at the time. It's easy to throw
a little sock in my bag, a shawl not
so much.
Right now I am spending my evening hours
There are 3229 shawls that have already
been knit with this pattern and I know
why, it's a great pattern and I am enjoying
every stitch I make on it.
I am not sure what it is about knitting that
I find so addicting : the smell of yarn fumes,
[walking into a yarn store is so thrilling]
the feel of the needles in my hands, the
joy I see on a loved ones face when they
unwrap a gift I have knit for them. I don't
think it's just one thing, but I do know
that knitting makes my soul sing!
How about you, what makes your soul


  1. What a wonderful idea Tracey!! I wonder if this idea can be adapted to sewing projects also? To me....knitting and sewing tend to fill my heart to the brim

  2. Oooohh, I love your knitting scrape book, what a great idea! What makes my soul sing, knitting is definitely up there on the list, along with time in nature, growing my own food and spending time with my little man.

  3. Hey, I recognize that page in your scrapbook :)))

    I wish you could see the scrapbooks I have ~ I started them at the very beginning of my knitting journey as well...pages & pages ~ a scrap of yarn for every project, the ball band, notes and a photo...of everything I have ever made

    I thought I was the only one....I looooove that you do the same, Tracey!

  4. Ah, yes....knitting makes my soul sing, too......although at times it's slightly off-key!!!!

  5. Knitting does and being replaced with a good book. Your knitty scrapbook is creative. You are so patient.

  6. That is a great idea Tracey! I am not one for scrapbooking - I don't even have a baby book for my daughter - but the knitting project book is something fun. I always keep the yarn label until the end of the project, I don't know why, but then I throw it out. Now that I am knitting more, it would be fun to have a record, especially of things I knit for my daughter.

  7. Crocheting makes my soul sing...I think it is the feel of the yarn as it slips through my fingers that causes me to relax. I really like your idea about the journal you've been keeping for the last 2 years, Tracey! I believe I will give that a try.

  8. What a beautiful post Tracey!! And I love the idea of a journal for knitting. Knitting is high in my list of what makes my soul sing. Although I haven't been doing much if it lately. Must fix that! Also writing and being in nature makes my soul sing! And of course seeing my two beautiful girls! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  9. Love your scrapbook, Tracey. :) I have to be in town today and I believe I'll be picking up a book to start my very own. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy Tuesday to you, Lisa

  10. isn't is so nice that we have such joy in knitting and other things. i too find
    the peace of mind and very relaxing when knitting...just love every moment and every single pattern i make.
    i also do some stiching and just began another new project ..mmmm, the weather and garden makes me forget about all i love to do indoor as well.
    now i am making more time indoor as well for myself.
    have a lovely day tracie. i am soon ready for bed ☾

    i've already reserved some of my pots for squash and if i get lucky,
    i am dreaming of having my own harvest this summer.

  11. meeting you was soul filling :) I love knitting just as much as you do. There is nothing like yarn in my hands, a quiet moment, gathering thoughts while each stitch is worked. It's meditative and relaxing.

  12. I love your scrapbook idea! I learned to knit when I was young and stopped for a really long time because it wasn't "cool" I"m so glad it is cool again, because I love being able to create things with yarn!

  13. I can't believe you've only been knitting for four years, all of your projects always seem absolutely perfect!! Yes, knitting makes my soul sing and I think I might 'steal' your idea of keeping a knitting journal. Great idea!!

  14. I remember when you taught yourself to knit! I am so in love with how you have kept on with it, and how GOOD you are now. Seriously a great knitter who has taken on some really difficult looking projects. I have only knitted two things that have been well used, shawls for my girls. I would like to make more of them...they are looking pretty ragged. xoxoxox

  15. I love this post, Tracey! Right now, it's art journaling for me. Being by the sea, that always works too. Your projects always surprise and amaze me in the best way. I'm so glad this craft nourishes your soul in such a deep way!

  16. That scrapbook is such a good idea!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  17. i looooove that you keep a little book with notes/scraps of your projects. that is awesome! and such a beautiful keepsake...

  18. i do the same thing tracey! i've been knitting my whole life (with the exception of a few sporadic high school years) and have kept journals too. (i have your same book!). i can't tell you how many times they helped when i wanted to repeat an item for one of my children. i also kept sewing journals, with snips of fabric used and notes, and pretty awful sketches of what i made. i loved keeping these, but now with raverly i don't keep knitting journals any longer (and i hardly ever sew) but i love having my books for wonderful memories! love how much you've fallen in love with knitting. it makes my heart sing too.

    p.s. how lovely you and karen met!

  19. Oh yes! Knitting for sure! I knit anywhere and everywhere but knitting in silent solitude is what really feeds my soul!