Friday, June 6, 2014


 Hold a true friend with
both your hands.

~Nigerian Proverb

Do you know who this beautiful
lady is in the photo?
 It's Karen and I was able to
spend a few hours with her
this week, my first time meeting
a blogging friend in person!
She is just as nice in person as
she is on line and my only regret
is she lives so far away making
it hard for me to visit with her more
 We had lunch, talked and I know
deep in my heart she is a true friend.
Look at the beautiful beaded bag she
made just for me!
Karen, I had such a lovely time, thank
you and I hope we can get together
again really soon.
 Emerson graduated from kindergarten,
and I am one proud Olie.
I've managed to make it to the
beach just once this week, but
I'm not complaining, it was
beautiful. I spent the day there
all by myself, knitting, reading,
napping, it was great.
This weekend will be cleaning out
a spare room that has gotten a  little
scary,  knitting,  cooking outside,
hanging out in the hammock, catching
a few clouds and enjoying this life!

I hope your weekend a productive one or a
relaxing one if that is what you need.



  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Enjoy!

  2. I just published my post without reading yours first and we have a similar theme :) funny I could only use iphone photos due to no computer. Thank you so much for visiting, I love my gift and I now have warm memories of a beach vacation.

    Emerson and you look adorable together - I hope you make it to the beach more over the weekend!!!

  3. How wonderful that you and Karen got to spend some time together.

    Congratulations Emerson!

    Have a wonderful weekend Tracey.

  4. Good morning, Tracey,

    Karen is a blessing, isn't she! (That really isn't a question). I'm so glad that you had opportunity to get together this week! So special!

    Your little guy is so adorable! Loved seeing the pic of the two of you.

    Your weekend plans sound lovely...especially hanging out in the hammock! That's on my list for next week!

  5. Lovely pictures. Congratulations to Emerson for graduating!

  6. Of course I recognise those two beautiful wonderful to see you two lovely people together. It's never ceases to amaze me how blogs can connect. One of my blogger friends was over from Australia at half term but unfortunately we were away for our anniversary so couldn't meet up but I've just had a lovely email from someone who lives near the new house and spotted images of places that she recognised. So already I know someone close by before I even leave here. How small the world is.
    I hope that you meet up often and have many more amazing times together.
    I hope you catch many clouds.
    ps little emerson is growing up...what a lovely photograph of the two of you. Definitely one to frame.

  7. how fun to meet a blog friend in the real world!

  8. that would have been a fun get together!

  9. What a special treat to meet a blogging friend in real life! You both look beautiful and I'm sure you had lots to talk about. Congrats to your little graduate!!

  10. Hurray for blogger meet-ups! So fun! And congrats to Emerson :-)

    LOVE that last pic!

  11. I am so happy for you guys! That is so great that you made that happen. And congrats to little Miss Emerson! Enjoy your weekend :-)

  12. I'm so glad you got to meet Karen, Tracey!! We've been raverly buddies since before she started blogging and I was lucky enough to receive one of her beaded bags years ago as well...

    congratulations to Emerson :)))

  13. This is wonderful, I am following Karen, so now I will follow Clover too. So glad you were able to meet up!

  14. So wonderful I follow Karen and now I will follow you TOO!
    just like tam knots

  15. What fun! A great weekend is a mix of both I think - getting some things done, but having time to enjoy your hard work too!

  16. Oh! How fun to meet a blog friend in person! And wonderful that you two hit it off "in real life"! Congrats to your Emerson on her graduation!

  17. oh what fun! I got to meet up with Nichole (she blogs at LiveFree) last autumn when she was vacationing with her family just up the road from our place. It was almost surreal at first, because there I was meeting this person that I already felt like I knew pretty well. Such fun!

  18. that is so cool that you guys got to meet in person! :) and i love the cloud jar!

  19. That is so neat that you were able to meet a blogging friend in person. Sounds like you have a true friend. Have a good weekend.

  20. I. AM. SO. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! someday, friend, someday....
    (must make a cloud catcher jar.....cute!!!!)

  21. It's so fun meeting another blogger, yeah. You two ate a cute pair. Ho'omaka'i to Miss Emerson.

  22. Don't you just love meeting blogging friends?!!! Happy that you both had a wonderful time together.

    Congrats to Miss Emerson!!!!

  23. The thought of the two of you meeting in real life is just wonderful! So glad you had the chance. You are both so inspiring!

  24. So, so sweet! You and Karen, you and Emerson, the cloud jar... oh, and the beaded bag! Enjoy the beach...

  25. I love that you got to meet an already friend in person. What a treat. And yes, your cloud jar us beautiful!

  26. How wonderful that you met Karen in person!

  27. Isn't meeting blogging friends in person wonderful!! I have met several and it is a joy each and a every time! It makes our world seem very small!

  28. Aw! I am so happy that you and Karen met!

    And congrats to Emerson!!