Sunday, May 4, 2014


 A good friend is a connection to life —
a tie to the past, a road to the future,
the key to sanity in a totally insane

~Lois Wyse

This weekend began on Friday when
I had the whole day to piddle since
Alex went to stay with one of his
brother's for the weekend.
I worked in the garden pulling weeds,
enjoyed a visit with another son and
his fiancé who brought me sushi, then
a trip to town for new workout clothes,
and a late night of reading.

Saturday I took off bright and early to
spend the day with my best friend.
We talked and talked and talked.
Lunch was at a favorite restaurant,
then a stroll along the waterfront
browsing the craft fair that had been
set up. Later we returned to her house,
her to cross stitch, me to knit as we
watched this.; it was fantastic,  I laughed
and I cried, I loved it! 

Since no one was home when I got back
I had a dinner of homemade hummus
with vegetable chips and then for
dessert I ate fresh strawberries with
fresh whipped cream; sometimes it's
nice not to cook.  I had another
late night when I saw TCM was playing
an old favorite.

I have spent Sunday putting up what I think
maybe the last of the strawberries, sitting
in the yard knitting and listening to the honey
bees busy at work, taking a nap and preparing
for the new week.

It's been a good weekend.
Joining with Amanda.


  1. What an absolutely perfect weekend!! I love sushi, actually all the food you mentioned sounds delicious!! I think we'd get along quite well in the kitchen. :-)

  2. It sounds like the perfect weekend, I agree with Anke! Blessings on the rest of your week...

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, hope your week is just as lovely.

  4. you had me at spanish moss.

    we are just about to get into strawberry season, and just in time as there's just one more jar of strawberry jam! I'm hearing lots of talk of strawberry pie.... might just have to give it a try this year. a happy week ahead to you, Tracey~

  5. what a wonderful weekend. :) i am jealous.

  6. What a lovely weekend! I've wondered about that movie and am going to take your recommendation as a good sign that I ought to see it. I, too, have blue toes right now. :) How fun! Our strawberries are only in the flowering stage, but I am sure looking forward to them. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is biting into a freshly picked strawberry! Blessings, Lisa :)

  7. Sounds like a terrific weekend Tracey - just like a mini vacation. Good food, good friends, shopping, entertainment - you covered it all! And you took some good photos - love that Spanish moss!

  8. You know Tracey, it is those beautiful moments when we are by ourselves, that we enjoy so fully :) I know that when I go away on my own, I tend to live each and every moment completely...then when I return to my family, I feel refreshed. I am sure that this is what you must have felt as you enjoyed your weekend with your friend and came home to a quiet house :0) mari

  9. nice weekend! I love not cooking A LOT. It's my main goal during the week :) Love that you had some friend time with laughter. And Sushi! We make that once in a while, maybe I need to make some this week....

  10. Sounds so wonderful Tracey! A day to piddle away, a day spent with a friend, a dinner that involved no cooking – perfect!

  11. I am jealous of your weekend Tracey! Lots of "YOU" time spent well. Enjoy those last strawberries!

  12. GREAT weekend, right??
    I bet your hummus is soooo good.
    And you know what? I'm going to watch that Mr. Banks movie tonight!!! (At least I'm going to do everything in my power to try.)

  13. delightful!!!
    so glad you have all this goodness...

  14. love that you had such a balance of fun with your friend and then productivity and still found time for knitting :)

  15. Your weekend sounds absolutley divine Tracey!
    Have a lovely week:)

  16. What a wonderful weekend to get lots of energy for the week to come - it sounds so balanced and calm!
    May your week be full of joy :)

  17. I ♥ your weekend! I haven't watched either of those movies yet, but The Russians Are Coming looks hysterical--I'm going to see if I can get it on Demand. I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your friend, relax, and just listen to the honey bees. : )

  18. what a wonderful weekend. we all need that kind of
    time to get recharged again...
    those strawbeery are from your own garden? how is your knitting
    project coming along? i too have been in a great mood for knitting
    but crochet idea cam to my mind first, so i am working one blue item.
    enjoy the day!

  19. What terrific ways to pass the weekend. Yes, cooking dinner can be such a chore.

  20. I would love a weekend like yours, sounds perfect. I enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks, love Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.