Friday, May 2, 2014


I'm sending luck and wishes
All wrapped up in a hug
Good things should come your way
With this tiny ladybug.

 ~Author Unknown

This week saw...

temperatures more like summer
than spring, and the humidity
so high I felt like I was melting.

finding ladybugs, which always
makes me smile.

the garden growing and
harvesting lots of fresh lettuce,
bok choy and beets. Now if
the tomatoes will just hurry

the strawberries still in
high season and my guys
have been enjoying fresh
scones daily.

watching this, and while I
agree the acting was amazing,
I didn't like it, just too depressing
and sad to me.

walking to the pump house to
cut a few New Dawn roses for
the table and seeing a snake skin,

riding my bike all over the place.

talking with my papaw on his 96th

I hope you have the best weekend.
hugs to you!



  1. Oh what tremendously beautiful week :) Mari

  2. I called Papaw, too-can't believe he's 96! Nice pictures-your cat is adorable.

  3. Beautiful roses, mine are just starting to open up. Love the purple bike and Miss Bette looks very comfortable. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Oh a wonderful qoute and pictures :-)
    Your bike love the colors reminds me that mine need to go to the bicycle mechanic.
    A good weekend to you also.

  5. Have not seen the "Osage County?" You have put me off now even if we do get this down here. Genes must be good 96. Those fresh strawberry scones look good.

  6. A beautiful week Tracey. Love the snake skin, Reece found one last year and just loved it! Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with good things.

  7. Such beautifulness, and it does seem quite summery. Kitties tucked in under covers are always cute. Your scones look delicious! We make scones all the time, but never so overflowing with strawberries! Yum!
    Happy weekend and new May days to you!

  8. Such pretty pictures - except the snake skin. ;-) That made me shudder just a bit... Have a great weekend!

  9. what a bike! I liked your week minus the humidity-that always makes me a little cranky. Hope you have a fab weekend :)

  10. gotta make those strawberry scones….yum. snake skin..eewww…does that mean the snake is now even bigger???? kitty, you need to get out from under those covers and get to work!

  11. i have been planning on making those scones tomorrow! so are they super yummy?? they look amazing.
    and your bike! i LOVE it!

  12. happy birthday, papaw & happy weekend, Tracey :)

  13. I ♥ your purple bike and wish I had a basket like that on mine. Strawberry scones and lots of fresh veggies from the garden sound wonderful to me--and roses and ladybugs, too. A lovely week. Sending happy birthday wishes to your papaw and blessings for your weekend.

  14. What a snazzy bike! Yum - fresh strawberry scones - you're in the running for best wife and mom of the year!

  15. Great kitty picture! The snake skin kind of freaked me out a bit. The strawberry scones are going to be a must bake this week, only I'll have to buy strawberries because ours are just blossoming. Cool purple bike! Mine is pink! You have had a very busy week!

  16. Ladybugs are all kinds of wonderful. I s wondering what that was - ribbon or snake. I would freak out besides want to touch it. Your bike is so cool!

  17. I love your pictures for today - especially the snake skin picture. I will avoid that movie - I am like and like upbeat more than depressing in the movies I watch. The heat is starting up strong here in Arizona too, and I am just not ready for it. Hope you have a great weekend.

  18. Such blessings surround you, Tracey. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Tracey, your photos are beautiful (again!) The snake skin, the scones, the roses, your bike... what a lovely way to begin my weekend. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend as well.

  20. hello tracey,
    your photos are so the colour of your bike!
    have a nice day,

  21. A talk with Paw Paw and rides on that bike? Sounds perfect... hugs to you for a great weekend, friend!

  22. What a lovely week. Love that you tried that Strawberry scone recipe, since we are Pinterest buddies I have been wanting to try them.
    Ah, happiest Birthday wishes to Papaw!

  23. what a lovely week! i can't wait for strawberries here! about another month and a half to go for us. we did experience that crazy weather though. here on the oregon coast we rarely see temps in the 80s in summer but we had many days with temps in the high 80s... it was wonderful :)

  24. What a beautiful week in pictures and words. First time coming over to your blog, you have a lovely space. Look forward to reading more!