Sunday, April 13, 2014


 'Tis sweet as the day begins to dawn,
When the lark her song is singing,
To wander at will through the grassy lawn
Where fresh flowers around are springing.
'Tis sweet at that solemn hour to go
O'er the rocky slope, all alone,
Where the scattering streamlets freely flow...
'Tis well to inhale the earthly gale,
As it sweeps the green hill's side...
Or to look on the wood in its leafy pride,
In the glen or on the grove, the dawn is fair,—
Morning is beautiful every where!

 ~Thomas Furlong, "Morning Meditations"

Every morning as soon as it's light enough
to see I lace up my running shoes and head
out to the back road to get in a little exercise
before the rest of the day unfolds. I use
to try to work out in the evenings, but found
I could make a lot of excuses to stay in saying
I was too tired or something needed my
attention, so now mornings it is. 
I really do like to watch as the day begins to
awaken, to listen to the songs of the birds
as they flutter from tree to tree, to hear
the distant sound of an air plane as it flies
to an unknown destination, to hear the
rooster crow and the turkey's gobble,
the ducks as they begin to quack, a dog
barking. It's nice to have time to dream
of what day will hold and what I will do
with it.
How about you, what is your favorite
time of day?


  1. Beautiful Tracey. I am a morning person, always have been. The little man has cramped my style a little bit, but I know soon enough I will have those mornings back and I can't wait!

  2. those are some stunning photographs.. the first one is breath taking.
    i am not sure what my favorite tie of day is any more. i guess any time i get a few moments. LOL although early evening is great, when the shadows are long, and the kids are calming down. nice

  3. Beautiful pictures. Morning is my favorite time of the day as well.

  4. WOW Tracey, those photographs are just stunning! I can totally understand why you would be out early in the morning if that is what greets you. I'm a morning person as well. Love everything from the peace and quiet to watching the sunrise and also getting together early with friends to get some walking/running in.

  5. What beautiful photos, Tracey!! Yes, sign me up, too, as the morning person, although my 'mornings' might start sometimes at 3 am!!! I drag myself to 7:30 yoga (not because I'm tired….but because yoga class is one of my unfavorite things to do---and I can think of close to 3 million other things I'd rather be doing!)

  6. Loving your photos especially the first four awesome :)

  7. Oh my, with scenery like that to take in, even *I* would enjoy going for a morning jog! Well, maybe a walk. ;-) Beautiful shots. I love early mornings, but the evening sunshine is my favourite.

  8. Yes well I have good intentions and I like the thought of seeing the sun rise, but I think I am a night person!

  9. I really need to get back into running shape. Great photos of your day start. Mornings are so peaceful.

  10. oh tracey! those morning pictures are just gorgeous! my favorite time of day is also the early morning... i love the feeling of being up early looking forward to a new day and what it holds... just as you said ;)

  11. third photo is amazing! my favorite time is the morning like you! Since making a commitment to physical health I'm thinking when the weather gets warmish I'll have to take to very early morning walks!

  12. Definitely morning. Although I love late nights too...

  13. I love mornings but I haven't been much of a morning person these days. I am usually up late waiting for my daughter to get home from work (around 11:30 pm). That causes me to sleep in till around 7:30 - just in time to be late for work!

  14. You know, I was just reminiscing about how I used to run in the mornings before everyone else was up. I loved that time of day! I'm going to try to get back into that routine. I always feel so much more centred if I start the day off with a bit of quiet time in the great outdoors. Beautiful photos Tracey!

  15. Awesome photos Tracey! I just love seeing the Spanish Moss on the trees. I just commented on another blog about how I used to be an early riser and really enjoy it, but co-sleeping with the little babe, I now am in bed until she wakes up. I'm a morning runner also - if I don't do it first thing, its just not going to happen later in the day.

  16. I love watching the sun rise. There is something completely awe-inspiring about watching a new day arrive.
    Your captures are beautiful.

  17. I'm an early morning lady myself. I love watching the neighborhood wake up. Beautiful shots as usual Tracey.

  18. lovely photos, Tracey ~ I started walking (and photo blogging) again this weekend...
    although I didn't get out quite as early as you did ;) ~ MUST try harder!