Friday, April 11, 2014


Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things
growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling
guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up
a little peace and serenity.

~Lindley Karstens

I've spent the week going through papers
getting ready to file my taxes; really there
is nothing like waiting until the last moment
to keep things exciting.

In between paper work I've stolen moments
outside to play in my herb bed. I was delighted
and somewhat surprised to see my Spanish
lavender in bloom. The oregano has gotten
totally out of control and is trying to
take over half the bed and I thought the
mint was trouble.

And did you see the worms?!!!!  There are
many worms and worm babies in there making
some wonderful soil.

There is always knitting in my day, but then
you knew that right? I have been eyeing this
ever since I saw Kate's and think I will be
casting on one today. I picked up some
Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed in Baby's
Breath that I think will be perfect.

My Mike had a birthday on Thursday and is
now 51 years old! Happy birthday my love.
Several of the children will be here Sunday
for a fish fry and cake {German Chocolate,
always for him}.

Where ever you are and what ever you have
planned this weekend I hope you enjoy yourself.



  1. happy weekending to you, too!!! :)

  2. happy birthday to your sweet husband!!! I love that shawl and it will be beautiful all knit up :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Happy birthday to Mike! Enjoy your weekend Tracey.

  4. Beautiful garden pictures! I adore this time of year!! Happy birthday to you hubby. :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Mike! Have a wonderful Sunday enjoying your family. I think I may be casting on one of those myself. I have some great hand spun that might be perfect. Hmmmm....

  6. Enjoy the birthday celebrations this weekend ~ I turned 51 earlier this month and I plan to celebrate for all of April!! Oh, and I have gardening on my mind, too.

  7. happy birthday to your man! i am married to a mike as well. <3
    your worms are awesome. worms don't do well here in the hot desert. i miss them.

  8. Happy birthday to your honey! Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  9. Ugh. Taxes. That oregano and mint are wily ones, they are, always sneaking more and more space when we're not looking. The shawl is on my list of things to knit as well - so pretty! My hubby always chooses the same cake every birthday too, only his is cheesecake. Dependable men, they are. Have a wonderful weekend Tracey!

  10. Except for the taxes, it sounds to me like a very nice week.: )

    I love playing in my garden and watching things grow. One day last year, when I was out inspecting my raised beds, I noticed odd little translucent tan balls. I had never seen anything like them before. They almost looked plastic! I picked one up and squeezed it, and the thing squirted in my face and eye. It totally freaked me out. I was sure that I had been infected by some kind of weird organism . . .maybe an alien from outer space. Of course, I ran inside and began googling like crazy to find out what it was. Earthworm eggs. LOL!

    New yarn always makes me happy. : )

    Happy birthday wishes to your man (mine turns 51 this year, too!)

  11. Hau'oli la hanau to your soulmate. You two are young. Every time I use oregano, I think of it as orega-no-no. And that popped into my head when I read how yours is taking over the herb bed.

  12. Best wishes for the birthday boy. The man had a big birthday last week and the celebrations are on going! Those worms look very healthy I am madly feeding my worm farm at the moment in readiness for spreading around the garden. Busy little creatures they are and so good for the garden.

  13. Hope the birthday boy had a wonderful day and cheers for a happy birthday year!!!!

    Your garden pics are so inspiring. I'm just starting to see buds in my little herb garden; it's so wonderful to see things grow into something we can use and enjoy!

    Happy weekend Tracey.

  14. Wow - lavender in bloom already! And oregano and catnip - they fight for domination in my yard. German Chocolate cake - sound great!

  15. We just had our taxes done. Ick! Corrine and I have been working feverishly in garden to get it ready to plant this weekend quick before it snows on Sunday. She calls it planting worms!

  16. Tracey, beautiful photos. And hope you had a great weekend, celebrating with Mike.