Monday, March 24, 2014


Friendship isn't a big thing -
it's a million little things. 

~Author Unknown

Have you met Cory? Well,
I haven't actually met her
in real life, but I consider
her one of my good friends,
a soul in the world that makes
it a little nicer knowing she's
in it.

Cory lives across the country
from me in a little town in
California. She is married
to The Brad, is mama to
 two girls that are beyond
cute,  has a cat, chickens,
and worms in her back yard
and is now looking into
getting non quacking ducks.
She grows food in her yard,
gives support to retired elephants,
and loves the planet. Can
you see why I love her, she
is my kind of people.

At one time Cory was a professional
singer, but it's hard to be a
mama and have to do the traveling
that kind of career requires.
To stay home with her girls

she needed to do something
to generate money from home
and I think she hit gold with
Lady Cordelia Designs 

She is working hard designing
the cutest patches, sketch
art and now clothing for not
only her Esty shop, but for
brick and mortar stores too.

I asked Cory to design and
make me a horse patch
for the little horse lover in
my life and she created the
most adorable patch for me,
isn't it lovely?[See above].

If you haven't before won't you
take a few moments to visit,
say hi, check out her wonderful
art and make a new friend in
the process? You'll be glad
you did.

I am not compensated in any
way from this post, just wanted
you to met someone I think is
pretty special.


  1. Oh TRACE, dear heart, sweet friend I've yet to meet in the flesh but KNOW that I could visit and we would just scamper off together and giggle and laugh and cry about this world. Trace- I am in tears over this post. Oh My. What have I done to deserve your time and energy like this? Your love! So bright- always, no matter what you write about. I am not alone in loving who you are, friend. You are well loved. And should be.

  2. Super cute. I'm off to check it out!

  3. I have "met" Cory :) She is a very special lady for sure, and I am very lucky to have some of her art adorning my walls. Beautiful post Tracey.

  4. What a lovely thoughtful post. I have been following cory's blog for some time now and like you am inspired by her amazing creativity.
    ps your little horse lover is going to very pleased with her new patch.

  5. Cory is the best and I love the horse she created for your granddaughter-so sweet!!!

  6. Pretty cute. Non-quacking ducks - love that! We had ducks and they were definitely the quacking variety! I'd love some non-noisy goats - maybe I could keep them on my half acre then - the neighbors would just think they're a big dog.

  7. I love to meet new friends. ♥ Corey's fabric/stitching art is unique and wonderful.

  8. love her work…..I, too, must own some someday!!!

  9. Hi Tracey, how cute is this! Thank you for introducing us to Corey and her beautiful work. Even though Spring has been technically here for a few days, today was the first day I really felt it. The leaves on my ornamental pear trees have burst forth overnight and there are yellow flowers growing in great clumps all over the property. I know they are just weeds, but goodness on first glance it is easy to believe they are a field of daffodils! :) Have a lovely evening ahead, With Love, Delisa :)

  10. That is one super cute patch! Good for her.

  11. that patch is darling!!! i am long overdue to visit ms. cordelia. must get on that!

  12. How cute!!! I love it! And Cory's blog is beautiful!!

  13. Oh my goodness! What can't Cory do?! I have had the pleasure of meeting this lovely, creative, wonderful Mama and I'm so glad I did get to meet her. Her art and craftiness always amazes me. That is a very special patch!

  14. I love Cory, and I love you too :).

  15. oops! the 25th was my daughters birthday and i missed this post! i've met cory, in real life, shes ADORABLE! lovely post tracey :)