Wednesday, February 26, 2014


A lake is the landscape's most beautiful
and expressive feature.  It is earth's eye;
looking into which the beholder measures
the depth of his own nature. 

~Henry David Thoreau


 Yesterday my guys took off on a
fishing trip and I tagged along to
hike, sit in the sun to knit and
just enjoy being outdoors.

Autumn Wrap [although with
temperatures in the 70's maybe
I should change the name to
Spring Wrap] is my travel
project. It is a project I only
work on when I am in the
truck/car or away for the house.
The pattern is sections of
garter stitch and sections
of stockinette stitch repeated
until you think it's big enough.
I am looking forward to
binding off soon and can't
wait to see how it looks
once it's blocked.

I am still reading
Chickens in the Road
and I just discovered the
author has a blog which
makes it nice to put faces
to names I've been reading.

What are you knitting and
reading this week?

Joining Ginny for this week's
Yarn Along.


  1. Good photos - water always draws me in. I am helping a granddaughter with her first knitting project a scarf with pom poms on each end!

  2. love the yarn, I knew it was classic elite when I saw the photo. Just look at the sunshine in your photos! and now I'm off to favorite another shawl-you have excellent taste :)

  3. Oh those photos Tracey, I wish I could step into them. Hope you enjoyed your hike and time alone.

    Love that colour. I am working on a shawl too, it is taking forever, but I am enjoying it. Have a lovely day!

  4. I like that pattern. That would be great with some hand spun. I'm so envious of your green grass. We are getting snow again today. Did the guys catch any fish?

  5. What a beautiful place to hike and has been so cold here. I know spring is right around the corner :)

    I love your shawl the color is beautiful and so is your knitting. I have been trying to finish another sock..I think I am finally understanding it :) :)

    I hope you have a very blessed week friend : )

  6. gorgeous setting….it looks like your yarn almost matched the color in the trees across the lake!!! beautiful knit!

  7. wow, what a scenery for knitting. what a scenery for ANYTHING, my goodness. I want to be there, right now.

  8. Tracey, I just love the colorway of your yarn. So warm and soft looking. :) Looking forward to days in the 70s and walks along the river. Today is cold (below freezing) and windy. I cannot believe we still have power with the way the trees are whipping around, but I do love the sound of the wind through the trees. Did your guys catch dinner?

  9. oh my... that looks just amazing... all of it.... the yarn... the pattern.... the beautiful sunny day on the dock.... so jealous :) i am so happy to have "met" you too tracey :) such fun making new friends.

  10. I thought the photos of the water were lovely but when I scrolled on to the pictures of that yarn.... gorgeous! What a beautiful wrap you're going to have when you're finished

  11. Oh do I wish I was near that water. Your pictures are so pretty and making me long for warmer weather. Snow outside my window today. Love the yarn in your shawl.

  12. Oh I hear that whistling from the Andy Griffith Show when I saw your dock pic! Great heathered orange yarn.

  13. I love that you always give us a little glimpse of the colour from nature that you are using in your knitting project. Your yarn is beautiful. This looks and sounds like a wonderful day. The weather sounds amazing. Spring is in the air here as well but for us that’s fifteen degrees! The shawl looks gorgeous.
    I knitted the Dolan hat as you suggested, finished my annabel jumper and am the process of casting off some very long wrist-warmers to wear with a 3/4 length sleeve coat. I'm still loving reading the house with the seven gables...I can't put it down but read slowly because I really don't want it to finish.
    Enjoy the lovely warm weather.

  14. Your autumn/spring wrap is beautiful! I adore the colors you chose for it! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to enjoy your knitting, the pictures are wonderful! How do you like the book? I've been following her blog, but have yet to read the book.

  15. Love your photos of the lake and sunshine... they sure made our day a little brighter :)
    Beautiful knitting, can't wait to see the finished wrap!

  16. I love travel only projects. It may take me ages to finish, but it's nice to have a "new" project that only sees the loght of day every once in a while. I love the color of your scarf. It is a perfect autumn color.

  17. What beautiful pictures... :) m.

  18. I cannot even put into words how uplifting these images are. Having looked out at a snow covered landscape for weeks on end those images look like heaven.

  19. I love the colors!

  20. Wow-I am so jealous of your warm, pretty weather. Great pictures!

  21. I would love to just sprawl out on that dock and listen to the water and the wind. Delightful!