Thursday, February 27, 2014


 Beginning today, treat everyone you
meet as if they were going to be dead
by midnight.  Extend to them all the
care, kindness and understanding you
can muster, and do it with no thought
of any reward.  Your life will never be
the same again. 

~Og Mandino

Food Growing Summit

It has been a productive week::
I started working on my kitchen
garden. Mike is going Bioponics,
but I need to get my hands in the
soil, pull weeds, sweat, get dirty.
Signed up for the Food Growing Summit
Daisy the turkey laid her first eggs
this week. Baby turkeys for spring?
I knit a hat and added a pom-pom.
Sprouted quinoa and mung beans.
Discovered the wonders of
cocoa almonds and ate them
as I contemplated eating totally
raw for a few months.   ;)
Sat in the sunshine and planned
my spring cleaning.
I hope you have a weekend filled
with kindness, you deserve it.


  1. Love that quote, if only we could all get into the habit of doing that. That pom pom looks so cute, Love the seedlings in the eggshells. Not sure I could even contemplate going completely raw! Have a great weekend.

  2. I signed up for the food growing summit too, can't wait! We did raw for a month two years ago, it was my way of cleansing while nursing :) So much goodness, lots of prep though, but worth it! Enjoy your weekend Tracey.

  3. A nice week is when you can look back and feel proud of what you accomplished. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing! Have a great Friday.

  4. Oh! I'm coveting your hat. It's beautiful. I love how you'll be planting wonderful veggies soon.

  5. I like that blue pompom and that blue sky! How exciting to get your first turkey egg. I cannot *wait* 'til the snow melts up here so I can get my hands in the soil and get going on my little garden. It sounds like you are in the midst of some happy, productive days. Oh, how I love when the seasons turn . . .

  6. good to see sprouts in such a cold day today...a minus 15 at the moment yikes! I tried going raw but living in the North, that just doesn't work too well :) m.

  7. turkey eggs...I so want to raise a couple turkeys this year. Seedlings are such a wonder! I could sit and stare at mine for the longest time (and sometimes do...). Have a blessed weekend, my friend. :)

  8. well baby turkeys would be lovely! Your post is just full of new spring life. Love almonds in any shape or form. If you go raw let us know about it, I find it interesting.

  9. Those little sprouts in their egg shells! Oh my goodness :) Such an inspiring image for me.... spring will come, the ground will soften and seedlings will grow.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  10. baby turkeys and seedlings in eggshells.
    I tell ya Trace, you are my kind of gal.

  11. Yay...seeds! Spring is on it's way. I will look into this "raw" book- looks good.
    Have a lovely weekend Tracey

  12. Hi Tracey, it is so nice to meet you too! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. What a lovely blog you have, your pictures are so wonderful. They really capture the beauty of the Low Country this time of year. I especially liked the one of you knitting on the dock. I love to knit and crochet as well. I just finished a shawl and have started a baby sweater in a pretty color they called "rouge red".

    I too am counting the days until Spring! I am longing to see green grass, wild flowers and all the trees, full again with bright new leaves. Have a lovely weekend ahead! Delisa :)

  13. Your post reminds me to be kind to myself also, start planning this year's herb garden and finish a hat for my friend's birthday.

    Thank you as always for sharing. Happy weekend!

  14. I love that quote. I think I will try and practice it this coming week (and always, really, but sometimes.. sometimes it has to be a daily step).

    The sprouts, the eggs.. they're all contributing to my restlessness! You have sunshine, and a bit of warmth, and my snow is turning to blocks of ice, or gray mounds of misery. You have delighted me with your hint of spring, Tracey.

  15. What a lovely quote. I love this time of year with all the new beginnings. What a cute idea, the seeds in the egg shells. You can just pop them straight into the ground. I'll be rooting through my compost now for shells that are still whole.
    I've just joined the Food Growing Summit too...although I suspect that it may just be for the US. I like my hands deep and dirty in the soil. I love the smell of fresh earth.
    I hope that you share some raw recipes with us. I have tried some cake recipe and made raw elderflower last year. We get raw coconut oil and honey but it would be hard to do all raw. Maybe when the weather heats up a little I may have a go...I'm sure you will feel the health benefits. I feel and look different after just a few days of carrot juice in the morning, so I'm sure all raw would be amazing. I look forward to you sharing the experience and hopefully some recipes too.
    Have a happy week