Sunday, February 23, 2014


Women are always beautiful.

~Ville Valo

Saturday I rose in the dark to
get ready for a trip to Charleston
with my future daughter- in -love,
her sister, mother and grandmother.
We were on a mission to find the
perfect wedding dress and we found
it! There really is something about
putting on a wedding dress that
turns every girl  into a princess
and Shaylin was more beautiful
than ever. I am so happy she is
going to be part of my family.
Now if I can just find my dress!

We had lunch here, talked non-
stop. In my life I am not often
surrounded by women so this was a
fun experience. When I arrived home
I was exhausted, but in a good

I received an email from my
Blogger Swap partner telling
me the box arrived and she liked
the gifts, what great news
to end my day.

This morning the sun is shining,
I am still in my pajama's, there
is a hot cup of chai beside me
and I have been spending time
browsing a new to me site, it
makes my book loving self happy.
I have plans later to bake an
apple pie because I need to do
something with a huge bowl of
apples, knit a lot and watch the
closing ceremonies for the Olympics.

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful
weekend wherever you are in the


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time Tracey. It must be fun having daughters-in-law. The cafe sounds great too. Perfect beginning to the week with hot tea and new blog reading...always a good thing. Oh and thanks for reminding us about the closing ceremony. I don't want to miss that. Hope the sun continues to shine.

  2. I am so glad the trip was a success…'s the bride's day----now that the dress is secured, she can have FUN!!! oh yummmmmm apple pie. not nearly as exciting as my 'roast all the veggies in the refrig' plan!

  3. What an easy going Sunday you're having. How lovely.

  4. So glad you found THE dress. Have a wonderful Sunday and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

  5. The excitement of a wedding dress, confirmation that love and marriage are alive and well, and sisterhood chats can be so uplifting too. Glad your weekend was a good one. Spent mine with granddaughters aged 7 and 3 eating, watching Lion King, teaching them how to knit and making fig jam! With lots of chat in their too - just perfect.

  6. How fun to dress shop and how exciting to find the one. I remember dress shopping with my mom, an aunt and my cousin...we had such a great time.

    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Have a lovely week Tracey.

  7. What a wonderful time it must have been dress shopping. I am sure you will find the perfect dress for yourself.
    Love the thought of you still in your jammies and sipping Chai. Especially since that was me about an hour ago , in the middle of the afternoon. Heh!

  8. how did you not cry while watching the wedding dress shopping? I think I would have been a bit weepy. I love that you have a family that grows with each marriage :) How exciting! Glad you package got there safely :)

  9. I'm glad your daughter in law found her dress. That is the most stressful part of a wedding sometimes. And how sweet that she wanted you to be a part of it all. Hope you enjoyed your apple pie while you watched the closing ceremonies last night!

  10. Your daughter-in-love to be sounds like a true princess; I'm so glad that she included you in her wedding dress shopping adventure. It sounds like it was a lovely time. I had no doubt that your swap partner would love the gifts you made for her. ♥ Thank you for telling us about the Booklover website; it's a goody!

  11. I loved wedding dress shopping. It truly is a day to be a princess (especially for those of us who are not!). I'm glad you all had a good day and she found her perfect dress. Apple pie is my favorite, but I will be making a cherry pie this week for hubby's birthday. It's his favorite! Have a good week.

  12. My daughter is marrying in June so we're well into all the planning excitement here too! I love your term "daughter-in-love." You're going to have a wonderful lifetime relationship with her, I can tell already!

  13. Tracey! Adding a daughter in law to the family is such a blessing! Sounds like a lovely time was had by all; so sweet of her family to welcome you in to their circle. Will be praying for you all as the special day approaches. :)

  14. that is so wonderful :) i love the way you write about it. (i must admit.... i was secretly hoping your beautiful package was on it's way to me) :)