Thursday, February 20, 2014


Spring has returned.  The Earth
is like a child that knows poems. 

~Rainer Maria Rilke


This week it has been...

Finding it hard to believe
it's February when it feels
as warm as it does and
signs of spring are everywhere
I look.

Leaving the windows open
to feel the breeze and listen
to the sound of crickets and
frogs as I fall to sleep.

An easy week of Algebra and
Chemistry, or maybe it's just
that I am finally understanding
them better.

Visiting the LYS for more
Christmas gift  yarns.

Finding this recipe and
wondering how it compares
to the recipe I usually prepare?

Hiking for hours with my guys
enjoying their company and the
beautiful outdoors.

Welcoming a new member to
the household because someone
[Ahem, Mike] has an even softer
heart than me. This is Miss Lily,
a two year old German Short Hair.
This now brings the dog total to

I wish you a weekend filled with
beauty, warmth, love and laughter
because there should always be
laughter in your day.




  1. OMGosh, how close were you to that alligator? Your shots of it in action are cool!

  2. What a beautiful dog. (:

    I'm on the verge of bringing two more cats into the family. On the one hand, I know we already have too many. On the other, there's a definite cat problem in our neighborhood and eventually someone will call the city (this won't end well for the cats). I know we can't save them all. But the sweetest orange male cat you've ever seen.. and his annoying sister (that my oldest adores).. Just two more? I won't even tell you what that would bring the count up to.

  3. it looks lovely where you are, Tracey~ alligators and all.

  4. Welcome Miss Lily. But beware. There are alligators close by. (Gulp!).

  5. Beautiful photos! I am completely intrigued by the wildlife in your area, the most I get are racoons and possums and a pair of hawks living in the trees across the way by the creek. Miss Lily is adorable. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love miss lily, she looks like a lover of life :) spring is not here and I would love a fresh breeze in my house :) have a lovely weekend my friend!

  7. Congrats on the new family member! I don't know how you do it with 5 dogs my friend. I can't keep up with one. I'm so jealous of your Spring like weather. Rumor here is that we are supposed to get some this weekend. We shall see...

    What great pictures - I love how you got the one of the alligator!

  8. Miss lily is a beauty! Great photos too!

  9. i can't get over the daffodils!!!

    and, hello, miss lily :)

  10. Five? Oh my! But she really is a beauty! Congrats!

  11. it definitely looks like spring has sprung there!

  12. I'm always amazed at all that wild life around you!
    And welcome, Miss Lily :)
    Have a wonderful, sunny weekend Tracey!

  13. This is why I love to visit here- always a little of everything...a lovely and inspiring place to rest my eyes- oh how I can relate to hiking with my guys- sounds wonderful Tracey.
    Alligators....not so much, aren't you scared of them like that?
    (Your first and second shots are over the moon)
    Happy weekend

  14. Oooooooh, daffodils! Tracey, your blog delights me each time I visit. It is amazing that we live in the same country, your flora and fauna are so different from mine. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of your gorgeous photos--but, that nice doggy Miss LIly really got me. I would have brought her home, too. : )

    It sounds like you had a great week--I hope it continues right through the weekend. ♥

    In April I accidentally promised that my youngest daughter could get a kitten. We already have two...and a dog...parakeets...a cockatiel...a'm not kidding!)

  15. Hello Miss Lily! Happy weekend Tracey.

  16. Oh, goodness, I have such a thing for daffodils! Spring is hurrying along in our parts too!

  17. my daffs are about 2" out of the ground....and destined to be snow-covered again next week if the weather forecasters have their way. I can't believe you are well into spring....everything looks sooooooo ------well, spring-y!!! Happy weekending!!!

  18. your photos are just gorgeous! and i am in love with the quotes that you start your posts with... such beauty :)

  19. I love this time of year when everything is beginning to wake up and come back to life. The recipes sound scrumptious...both of them. Oh and your Mis Lily is gorgeous...I'm still trying to persuade Ahmad that we get one dog...
    Have an awesome weekend...with lots of laughter too.

  20. Such diversity of wildlife you enjoy! And so very different than what critters we see locally. I miss turtles which I used to catch as a girl in Maryland...something my kiddos don't get to experience here. Our daffodils are up but not quite ready to bloom. Coveting those open windows, Tracey. I know I shouldn't, but I am. We usually keep the woodstove going through the very beginning of April, so it's not so far off. :) Blessings to you, my friend. ~Lisa

  21. Lilly is ADORABLE! What an awesome addition to the family. Those Shorthair ears get me every time. Your neck of the woods is beautiful, though I can't imagine having to worry about dog-alligator run ins! Scary but fascinating creatures. You must be near the Outer Banks? I've been wanting to explore the diving there. Good to 'meet' you via craft swap as well!