Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Surround yourself with the dreamers
and the doers, the believers and
thinkers, but most of all surround
yourself with those who see
greatness within you even when
you don't see it yourself.


I haven't been knitting as much
as I would like, but I did still manage
to pick my needles up every day,
and except for sewing on a button
and blocking my first Christmas
gift is finished.

The Shalom Cardigan is a fun
and easy knit.  I enjoyed it so
much that I am going to cast
on another one, this time in
black. The only changes I would
like to make to the pattern is
to add three buttons instead of
just one and maybe add long

I have a new book that I started
over the weekend, Chickens in the Road.
To be honest I picked the book
for it's title, but I'm glad I did,
it's an enjoyable read.

So, how is your knitting
coming along?

Needles: Bone double-pointed
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush Solid

Joining with Ginny.


  1. you are a speedy knitter and you have a gift already done? I am in awe. Love the yarn of the next project, looks soft and wispy!! Great quote this morning :)

  2. The book you are reading sounds interesting. I am not getting much crocheting done.. with two on-line classes, a full-time job, nubby and teen-age son - crocheting is not something I get to often during the week. One day, I hope, life will slow down just a bit. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Oh your shalom looks so lovely Tracey. I love knitting it and am thinking about casting on another one for me. I too would add extra buttons :)

    Love your quote. Have the most wonderful day!

  4. Your Shalom looks gorgeous! Have you knit one of those for yourself yet? It's going to look nice in the darker color yarn you chose. At first it looked like you had un-spun fiber in your basket. I thought you had taken up spinning! I agree with the buttons - three would be better in my opinion. Happy knitting!

  5. I added an extra button when I finished my tea leaves...just needed it. Besides, I like buttons. You are a speedy knitter!

  6. Beautiful Shalom! I also needed more than one button to make it work. The black will be gorgeous. :)

  7. Love the quote! And the Shalom is the perfect shade of pink! So pretty.

  8. The Shalom is really pretty. I think it will look good in black.

  9. love the shalom in pink. it looks amazing. there are quite a few people who have added long sleeves, it really looks great on the sweater.

  10. Love shalom! And that pink is gorgeous.

  11. The sweater turned out beautifully and that color is just prefect for Spring!

  12. Right is slow going, but I do go to it daily like you :) m.

  13. I just discovered your blog (through your kind comment on my Acer Cardigan :-) )
    I enjoyed the beautiful pictures on your blog and will most certainly be coming back here! Are you on ravelry, too? Would love to see your green Acer! Greetings from Berlin: Simone

  14. I love the pink cardigan and I can't wait to see a black on in long sleeves. I've added Chickens in the Road to my ever growing list of books to read.

  15. That opening quote is beautiful--after skimming the first few pages of Chickens In the Road, I bet the quote fits the theme of that book. I want to read it now. I love real-life stories about people who realize they are on the wrong path and do something radical to correct it. I always wonder if I have that kind of mettle.I love the color of the Shalom you made. And, I enjoyed every one of your photos ♥

  16. the shalom is gorgeous!!! phew. a christmas gift already!!! I'm jealous! but you know me.....i'm totally in love with the black yarn in the basket.....this will be equally magnificent!

  17. What a sweet Shalom. The buttons are perfect for it. That memoir sound interesting and fun. What an adventure.

  18. Lovely pinks and greys... and the book looks interesting. Borrowed your dreaming quote for my pray in a primary school newsletter I write. Hope you don't mind.

  19. he .he chicken legs.
    Lovely new header Tracey...and your lovely delicate pink knits & fleurs....

  20. Ooooh, I recognized the shalom right away! it is a lovely knit. I knit it twice with long(ish) sleeves and if i knit it again, i would even add more than 3 buttons, i prefer being able to button down my cardigans. well done, Tracey!!

  21. I agree - the shalom is a fun knit. That pink colour is gorgeous!

  22. Love your chicken. Well done you. It must be a nice feeling to be well ahead with your gift making. I hope that you enjoy each and every one of them as much as the recipients enjoy receiving and wearing them.

  23. HI Tracey!! I have been working on what project I will be knitting for myself next and next on the list has been the shalom sweater. and by the way , I love your blogger swap gifts!! really beautiful.