Thursday, February 13, 2014


Be in love with your life,
every minute of it!

~ Jack Kerovac

There was snow all around, but
none for us, just lots of rain and
ice making electricity iffy at times.
I'm not sure if it's because of the
weather, but I spent a lot of time
playing in the kitchen this week.
I made cashew crème,
was even a late night episode
of frying homemade French
fries while watching the
Olympics. To make potato
chips, slice the potatoes
thin, fry in olive oil and
sprinkle with sea salt, oh
my goodness! They are
even better if you sprinkle
a little malt vinegar on them.
There might have been a few
tears falling as I watched
it was just beautiful.
And then there were even
more tears when I received
the picture of my almost
96 year old  [May 1] wearing
the cardigan I knit for him.
Enjoy a beautiful weekend
and Happy Valentines Day.


  1. I love this post the cardigan looks awesome.on such a great model :) happy days xxxx

  2. is that your granddad? he looks wonderful in the sweater. :) and it looks like some awesomeness was happening in your kitchen this week. :)

  3. ...we had plenty of the cardi!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. OK, Those potato chips look so delicious I am going to try some this very night! I love cardigan. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  5. Love this picture of Pappaw! The food looks good, too. This winter is kicking my butt-can't wait for spring.

  6. Relieved to hear all is well at your house.
    Creative cooking is just the ticket this winter
    Handsome guy wearing that cardigan
    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Stay warm, Sweet Friend

  7. We are cashew cream lovers in this house :) And your potato chips look divine, can't wait to try them. That last pic made me smile.

    Happy Valentine's Day Tracey xo

  8. Your grandfather is a dapper man. He is rockin' that cardigan. It looks so good on him. I can see why you teared up.
    I pinned the best hummus. It looks good.

  9. Your life looks very good Tracey. I love those kitchen days where you cosy down in the warmth of the stove creating food to share with the family. The recipes look delicious especially the beet humus. Your granddad looks so good for his age your cardigan suits him perfectly.
    I hope that you have a lovely valentines weekend with more olympic viewing and late night cooking but no more iffy electricity.
    Have fun

  10. Oh and the cashew cream...I'm always looking for good dairy alternatives. I must try this. Thanks for directing us to the recipe.

  11. oh he looks handsome and grand and the fit is perfection! Thank you for sharing the photo, I've been wondering about the sweater :)

  12. Oh yes - those fried potatoes are just heavenly with some vinegar (try balsamic - that's great too). I love the picture of your grandfather. That's so awesome. And yes - I was a bit emotional watching the Russian skaters myself.

  13. good things going on over there!!
    especially loving the last image :)

  14. so precious. Oh, Tracey! Your heart must be flying! Each stitch knit with love and now adorning one so loved. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  15. That sweater colour is fantastic on him!

  16. a perfect fit!!!! (He does look rather proud of it, although, I'm sure he's more proud of YOU!!)

  17. I love the picture of your pappaw wearing the cardigan you knit for him! He looks so handsome in it!