Sunday, March 2, 2014


Enjoyment is just the sound
of being centered.

~Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


It's a beautiful weekend here
in the low country.
There has been hiking, looking
for art in nature. Finding the
old and abandoned cemetery
that we heard about, but never
could find. Over two hundred
years and left to crumble, kind
of sad.
Today I have been making lists
for Lent, lists for who I want
to listen to during the  summit,
lists for school and for home.
Having an orderly plan makes
my Virgo self very happy.
This afternoon I have plans to
work on my blanket since my
60 inch needle came in. Dinner
is this and dessert will be
Girl Scout Cookies because she
looked so sweet and I couldn't
say no.
I hope you are feeling centered
and enjoying a great weekend.


  1. It all looks so lovely and mossy green and you sound so organised...a great start to the week ahead.

  2. Tracey...thank you for the link :) I just signed up and pray that this will continue to inspire me to get my hands in the dirt. To me, growing food and having a flower garden, causes me to be closer to My God. My Creator. It gives me such a connection to it all :0) Beautiful pictures as always... m.

  3. What an interesting discovery. How sad it's forgotten. Imagine the history. Imagine the stories. Do share a pic of your meal.

  4. tracey, i daresay y'all are greener than we are right now! we've had two days of springish weather but it looks as thought it'll get cold again for a few days, just in time for mardi gras ;-)

  5. your photos are stunning. i am inspired by your organizing, i must get myself together. lol
    and the dinner looks awesome. yum!

  6. Beautiful photos Tracey. That dinner looks delish, hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week.

  7. It is hard to say no to those girl scouts. Even if the cookies have gotten expensive and you don't get many a package.

  8. I'm sure the girl scout is forever thankful. I love cemeteries and walking through them, reading the stones. Just peaceful and thought provoking, were they happy? did that enjoy life? I could go on and on. Off to check out your links :)

  9. beautiful! first year we had no girl scout at our door…..and we buy those cookies by the case!! (still have some in the freezer…phew!)

  10. How cool is all that moss? We won't see any of that for a little while longer. You convinced me - I signed up for the Summitt.

  11. The moss is so pretty. Very interesting how the graves look above ground- never seen that before. I would love to go is still so very snowy here.

  12. Thank you for sharing all that green! It sure made our day a little brighter!

  13. I came upon an old burial ground while walking in the woods last year. It gave me such a strange feeling that the people who were buried there were so forgotten. I am loving all of the green in your photos!