Wednesday, January 22, 2014


You don't choose your family. 
They are God's gift to you, as
you are to them.  ~

~Desmond Tutu

[Me on my third birthday with my Pappaw in the background]



Knitting Ranger for my
 Pappaw has been a labor
of love. My grandfather
has been a part of my life
as long as I can remember
and I love him very much.
[I mentioned him here]
I have the sweater almost
ready to be mail, my only
hesitation is if I should attach
pockets to the front, what do
you think? 
I am reading The Poisonwood Bible
that I picked up from the thrift store.
I am  a huge fan of Barbara Kingsolver
and I am enjoying the book. 
I wanted to thank my son Alex
for being my model for a little
while and being so sweet to
his Mama. I love you son.
Joining Ginny for this week's
Yarn Along.


  1. Alex did a great job modeling for you! I love the sweater and your pappaw is so lucky to have a beautiful knit made special just for him!

  2. What a great model and beautiful sweater! You are so lucky to have your pappaw still with you. The love that you put into each stitch shines through. Go for the pockets!

  3. I love this sweater you have so lovingly made for your grandfather. You have a very handsome son. I also have a son named Alex and am a Barbara Kingsolver fan. Have a good rest-of-the-week.

  4. Tracey..Your sweater is beautiful!! I can't believe you have only been knitting for a few years..goodness you are now a professional:)

    Sending you many blessings,


  5. Oh the sweater! Perfection and your son--he is handsome and looking all grown up now, I remember his photos from years ago. Loved that book, one of my all time favorites. Your quote is so true :)

  6. LOVE the sweater! I haven't read The Poisonwood Bible, but my boss in college read it and loved it - and I loved Animal Vegetable Miracle, so maybe I should pick it up :-) And I would say yes on the pockets. :-)

  7. What lovely photographs. You looked so cute. It was good to read about him again and all the things we now have that were invented during his life time. What a handsome model you have, the sweater looks amazing. I love pockets and put them in everything, so I would be tempted to add them for your granddad.
    I love the Poisenwood bible to, enjoy reading.

  8. Your sweater looks tres beautiful:) Love your photos too!

  9. Lovely color, pockets could be handy!
    Fantastic book!

  10. What a gorgeous cardigan, love the rich colour. Deb x

  11. alex looks awfully good in that sweater....he might need one next!!! (Love your choice of buttons, too!!!!!!!!)
    I don't know any grandpa who doesn't love pockets....

  12. What a handsome young man! And the sweater is not bad either. ;-) Lovely color and I think pockets would be nice.

  13. It came out beautiful Tracy. He is going to love it. I would go ahead and put the pockets on. I LOVE the buttons you used. What a special gift for a special man. In answer to your question - I have been spinning for about 8 years. I went to a fiber festival and saw there were more spinners than knitters so I decided to teach myself. I thought it would be cheaper than buying yarn (which is not the case). I quickly got hooked and since have gotten 5 different wheels (I'm down to 3 now).

  14. Great cardigan. The blue yarn is beautiful.

  15. Handsome son and fabulous outcome!

  16. the sweater turned out amazing.
    your son looks great in it. :)

  17. Sweetest gift! Such a great sweater with beautiful yarn. :)

  18. I'm not a huge pocket fan, but I think that sweater lends itself perfectly. It's a great pattern and your son is a handsome model :-).

  19. Oh Tracey, it turned out beautifully. I think you need to make one for you son now too, it looks great on him :)

    I think it would look great with or without pockets, but if I had to pick, I would go without, I think it looks great as is.

  20. Oh, Tracey, the sweater for your grandfather turned out so nice--what good work you did. I love the color yarn you chose and the little flecks in it. The natural wood buttons go perfectly. It is a very handsome garment, and I bet that it is cozy warm and comfortable, too.

    It was very good of your son to model for you. (My daughter was just looking over my shoulder and asked, "Who's that? He's cute." : )

    Love the photo of your dog, too.♥

  21. Love the sweater!! And Alex looks so handsome modeling it.

  22. What a beautiful sweater; such a wonderful gift, so full of love! Your grandfather is going to love it! Very handsome model too ;-)

  23. Nice cardigan, so generous of your son to model for your blog. Hope your grandfather loves it.

  24. ...nice sweater, sweet grandpa....and WOW!...what a beautiful and darling son you have.

  25. Oh, Tracey! The sweater turned so well! I love the color and the texture, and the photos of your so...images as only could be captured by an adoring mom. :) How sweet of him to indulge you in a photo shoot!

    Thanks for keeping up with me during my unintentional blog bread this month. I've missed the company of my blog friends! ~Lisa :)

  26. Fantastic sweater Tracey!!! I like it just the way it is, but somehow pockets on the front just say "grand-dad". :)

    P.S. It looks pretty good on your young man there, maybe he needs one too? ;)

  27. Holy Moley- what a lovely cardi- you son looks so handsome in it.
    Wonderful job you did Tracey- kudos.

  28. I think pockets are always nice to have on a sweater. It's absolutely fantastic, Tracey!

  29. That is fabulous, Tracey - it look great on your boy, and I can imagine it really suiting your Pappaw - pockets ,yes!
    Alex looks do like you, and what a kind handsome face he has xxx

  30. What a handsome model! I am completely in love with the idea of knitting something for your grandfather. That must be one of the best gifts he has ever received!! I lost both my grandfathers already, and I have only 1 grandmother left and now I'm thinking I might knit her some wristwarmers even though I know she would have to be reminded time and again who knit them for her :(
    I'll do it anyway, I think! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a very lovely weekend Tracey!!