Tuesday, May 1, 2012


A man's age is something impressive,
 it sums up his life: maturity reached
  slowly and against many obstacles,
illnesses cured, griefs and despairs
  overcome, and unconscious risks taken;
 maturity formed through so many desires,
  hopes, regrets, forgotten things, loves.
  A man's age represents a fine cargo
 of experiences and memories. 
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Today my Grandfather is celebrating his
94th birthday. Did I tell you he lives
alone, takes no medications, has his
own teeth and is sharp as a tack?
He is the father of three children, 
eight grandchildren, sixteen great 
grandchilden and one great-great
grandchild.  Since 1918 there
have been many inventions in this
world and we have been having a
grand time looking up some of
them. Doesn't it make you
wonder what will be invented in
your life time?
Happy Birthday Pappaw!

1. Fortune cookies
2. Toasters
3.Band aids
4.Short wave radio
5. Arc welder
6.Tommy gun
7.First robot
8. Lie detector
9. Insulin
10.Traffic signal
11.Self winding watch
12.Frozen food
13.The loud speaker
14. Spiral notebooks
15.Liquid fueled rockets
16.PEZ candy
17.Aerosol cans
18. Penicillin
19.Iron lung
20. Bubble gum
21. Electric razor
22.Car radio
23. Yo-yo
24.Scotch tape
26. Jet engine
27.Electron mircoscope
29. Parking meters
30. FM radio
31.Stereo radio
32.Drive in movie theaters
33.Road reflectors
35. Canned beer
36. Nylons
39.Ball point pen
40. LSD
41. Strobe lighting
42. Teflon
43. Freeze dried Coffee
44. Helicopter
45. Color television
46. The Jeep
47. Aerosol Cans
48. Synthetic Rubber
49. Slinky
50. Silly Putty
51. Aqualung
52. Atomic Bomb
53. Microwave Oven
54. Transistor
55. Tupperware
56. Frisbee
57. Velcro
58. Jukebox
59. Cake Mix
60. Credit Cards
61. Super Glue
62. Bar Codes
63. Diet Soda
64. Radial Tires
65. Optic Fiber
66. McDonalds
67. Hover Craft
68. Liquid Paper
69. Laser
70. Hula Hoop
71. Pacemaker
72. Barbie Doll
73. Microchip
74. Valium
75. Asroturf
76. Computers
77. ATM's
78. Bar Code Scanners
79. Video Games
80. Cell Phones
81. Walk Man's
82. Disposable Cameras
83. World Wide Web
84. Heart Transplants
85. Agroplast
86. Nano biochip
87. Retinal Implants
88. Raw Milk Fabric
89. Smart phones
90. Space Travel
91. Artificial Inseminations
92. Aluminum Baseball Bats
93. DVD/Blueray
94. The Stark Hand


  1. oh happy birthday to your pappaw! 94! oh my gosh. i like how you found 94 inventions for his 94 years. i like best #28 #32 and #89 oh and #26! i hope he has a wonderful week!

  2. What a wonderful age to be and to have seen all those new inventions. Happy, Happy Birthday to your pappaw. I like best #32 and #70

  3. Amazing to have such a long life and still be healthy and independent and you are so lucky Tracey to have a granddad...I'm sure you treasure him...I hope he has lots and lots more happy birthdays to come...

  4. What a celebration of your grand-father ! He cross 94 and still he lives alone, takes no medications, has his own teeth and is sharp as a tack. Your are so lucky man because you have a great and fit grand-father in 94 year too.

    Clover yoyo

  5. What a wonderful quote to pair with such an accomplishment. The 94 things are so amazing. A self winding watch! Happy Birthday to your Pappaw.

  6. Happy Birthday to your grandfather! You gave us such a great perspective by listing out all those inventions! Oh my! Have a lovely Tuesday! We have a big storm brewing over here, so it looks like the boys and I will be inside today. Hopefully some crafting and painting will be in order!

  7. Wow Tracey, Great post and well researched.

  8. Awesome!! Congratulations and happy Birthday to him!!

  9. Happy happy birthday, Pappaw!! What a marvelous tribute!! I bet he has wonderful tales to share.

  10. Sending birthday wishes for your grandpa, for many more happy years together!

  11. My Nana turned 94 in March. Great year, 1918. And she also lives alone, doesn't take meds and is sharp as a tack! There is something grand about that generation, and the amount of change that they have lived through is incredible.

  12. Awesome. I have 2 Grandpa's in their 90's and a Grandma very near to celebrating her 90th. I cannot even fathom what they have seen come about in this world in their lifetime. I don't know that any other generation has or will ever experience as much dramatic change!
    Happy birthday to Pappaw! :)

  13. Happiest of birthdays to your dear grandfather! He sure has seen a lot in his lifetime!!

  14. What a lovely post- how lucky you are to have your grandfather, now that is something to celebrate!I rememebr mine like it was yesterday and I miss him so.

  15. Happy Birthday! That is so great! I had a similar conversation with my grandmother years ago when she made the comment that she had to put the horse up after church. It's amazing the things that generation has seen/discovered....very humbling!

  16. Happy birthday to your grandpa! Mine was born in 1920 but sadly, passed a couple of years ago...I wish he was still here.

  17. That is a lot of life to see. I hope you and I are just as lucky. He sounds awesome! Happy Birthday to your grandpa!!!

  18. wow, some great ones in there.
    and some we could do without too.
    mcdonalds is a big thumbs down, to me.

  19. This post is bittersweet to me, Tracey. My grandpa would have been 94 this year as well... we lost him five years ago, and I miss him dreadfully some days. Your PawPaw sounds like a glorious man... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  20. What a lot of new inventions and changes in the way we live he has seen in his lifetime. He sounds wonderful... does he have a secret?
    Happy Birthday to your Pappaw!

  21. happy birthday!!! and the changes are staggering.

  22. Happy Birthday to your Pappaw! That is awesome indeed, to be 94 and not need #9! My grandpa turned 92 last year and he's doing pretty good too. I hope it's something hereditary :)

  23. This is such a fun post. So many changes to our world in the last 94 years. Your pappaw sounds amazing. I aspire to live to be that old and still that healthy. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  24. Happy birthday to your grandfather. How inspiring that he is so healthy and lives alone. That list of inventions is so interesting. Your grandfather has sure seen a lot of change. It must be fun hearing what the world was like when he was young.

  25. Wow, I didn't know some of these existed!
    Happy Birthday to your grandfather!

  26. The happiest of birthdays to your grandfather. So wonderful to hear he is in such good health. The list is certainly interesting. Jacinta x

  27. Happy birthday to your grandfather! So glad that he is still healthy and happy!

  28. What an awesome idea and an amazing list. I hope you had a great day with him!!

  29. Sets my head spinning with all the advancements during his life span.
    Hubby and I remark on how lives have changed in just the past five years.
    Congrats to your granddad.