Thursday, January 16, 2014


 Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food and warmth, for
the touch of a friendly hand and
for a talk beside the fire: it is the
time for home.

~Edith Sitwell


This has been an ordinary,
kind of quiet week. A week
with no trips to town, no
place to be or anything
important that needed to
be addressed. It's been
a week of....

Enjoying the rosemary
that always seems to be
in bloom. I really need
to make some candy.

Early morning walks
in the cold sunshine,
listening only to silence.

Pulling on my boots
and working in my
winter garden, trying
to save what little kale
the rabbits haven't eaten.
The cabbages? All gone,
along with the tops to
all my beets.

Making sure the turkeys
and chickens have nice,
warm coops. Do you see
how big Leroy and Daisy
have gotten? I hope to
see eggs this spring and
then maybe little babies
running all around.

I have been knitting
every spare minute on
my grandfather's sweater
and am just getting ready
to knit the collar. I may
have this done before
the end of the month
if all goes well.

Today is day 16 of my
detox and I have to admit
I am feeling a whole lot
better. I have increased
my green juice to three
times a day, and along
with all the fresh vegetables
and fruits I have been
consuming my energy
level has tripled.  That
isn't to say I don't miss
a slice of hot sour dough
bread with butter melting
off the side, but for now
I am sticking with my plan.

I wish you a beautiful weekend
whether you have big plans or
just spending a quiet few days
at home. Peace to you.



  1. That sounds like a lovely week Tracey. Little babies running around in the spring, that will be so darn cute :)

    Have the most wonderful weekend.

  2. I'm having a quiet week as well, it was much needed after the long school break. You have green!! I kind of miss green but I'll wait for a bit since winter is my first love. I love your 'selfie' so pretty!! Have a good weekend, Tracey and keep drinking and eating your power food :)

  3. Love the quote.
    Your herb and tree images are so pretty with the light......You are so strong Tracey! I can't believe you are doing a juicing thing again- it seemed like just the other day you went thru a fasting...tough girl I have a lot of respect for that. Me, I would have grabbed that sourdough in a heart beat.
    Love to you- peace out bean sprout :)

  4. Look at all of the green around you! That alone has soothing properties. Blooms. A winter garden. *Sigh*. I love having quiet times.

  5. You look beautiful Tracey! And seeing your picture...Emerson looks so much like you!!

    1. I agree with Jen, Tracey ~ that's the first thing I thought when I saw the last photo ~ you and Emerson look so much alike (and you look relaxed and lovely!!)

  6. That's the best kind of week!

  7. Sounds like a lovely, peaceful week. Glad you are feeling better and enjoy some time at home.

  8. Oh! I hope there are baby turkeys in the spring too! I just finished a mini-detox and goodness yes, it has made me feel so much better. The energy!

  9. sounds like a wonderful week. <3

  10. Good for you with your detox. I don't have the will power!

  11. good good week!!! (the winter got my rosemary this year....I'm very sad. It had wintered over several years, but those extended cold days snapped the life out of it.) I wish I had the will power for a good detox.....I can hardly drag myself to yoga class 3 times a week. (slug?)

  12. wow. i don't think I could do that detox with a 5 and 7 year old in the house. I'm always hungry these days between work and mothering the littles. I do slip in some green juices though..... and I had kale on my blog this week too, as you know. Kale rocks.

  13. my hubby and i are thinking of detoxing in february. i wonder if we can last a whole day :)
    my rosemary isn't in bloom, but at least it's still alive. the catgrass didn't enjoy the freeze though. but i imagine it'll come back soon. i hope – my kitty is really missing it :)
    have a nice weekend!

  14. Thank you for the beautiful images and words. You have a beautiful, kind face; it's lovely to "meet" you.

    Sometimes we really do need that quiet time and I'm happy it's been so rejuvenating for you.

  15. I'm so happy for you that you've had a quiet week and are able to tend to all that you love. That crunch sounds yummy.

  16. It all sounds and looks perfect Tracey. I love the smell of rosemary. It's the herb I use more than any other. Your candy looks delicious. My rosemary is a little sparse at the moment to try out the recipe but it's one to remember.
    You are doing so well on your detox diet. I sneaked a cup of tea yesterday!
    But the most amazing thing I've noticed that despite always eating lots of fresh fruit since getting back to carrot juice in the morning my hair after a week became so shiny and healthy looking. It was really noticeable. It's so good when we can feel and see the results so quickly.
    I hope the weekend continues to be as lovely.
    ps. I agree with all the lovely comments about you photo. Nice to see you again.

    1. pps I love that Edith Sitwell quote and will make a note of it. It sums up so many nice things in such a simple way. It reminded me of my aunty she would always read her poems.

  17. Rosemary, such an enchanting smell, I love it. Everything is so green and lovely where you are! Sorry to hear about your cabbages, is it hard to get mad at the rabbits though? I think it would be hard for me to get mad at them ;). Glad to hear your detox is on the upswing. Lots of love to you Tracey!

  18. Oh how I love some ordinary times. Loving the rosemary and those turkeys. Can you cook turkeys eggs - they would probably be huge?

  19. Quiet weeks at home are the best kind, I think. You keep turkeys? That is so cool. Last spring rabbits got into my garden and ate up all our broccoli. I've got to think of a way to keep them out of there this year. Your rosemary is beautiful, and that candy sounds yummy. I'm glad your detox is going well and you are feeling the benefits of it. Hope your weekend is a good one. ♥

  20. Nice turkeys! I want your boots.