Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Listen! the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves.
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves.

~Humbert Wolfe

I have a new project and
a new book this week. :)

I cast on Big Girl for my
granddaughter, Emerson.
Red [and orange] are her
favorite colors and this is
the yarn she chose. I had
planned to give it to her
for Christmas, but knowing
me I won't be able to wait
and as soon as I cast off
I will be wrapping it up
to mail.

I cast on Saturday night,
but really didn't like how
the lace section of the
pattern was looking so
decided to cast on again,
this time leaving the lace
section off and just
knitting the pattern
using the solid section,
I like it.

I am reading a book
my sister mailed me,
The Secret History.
I am only a couple of
chapters in, but so
far I am enjoying it.
Donna Tartt, the author
has a new book being
released October 22,
The Goldfinch, and I
have been hearing
buzz that it's really
[Amazon Reviews]

Joining up with Ginny
for this week's Yarn Along.


  1. Its a lovely red - I would be able to hold onto till Christmas either! Reading the Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery apparently an international bestseller - 5 chapters in and I am still waiting for it to grab hold of me. Friends have persuaded me to persist so it must get better.

  2. That owl is adorable!
    And that is the most my brain can process pre-coffee. (:

  3. Very pretty red - and very Christmas like. I don't think I could wait either though. I love that owl!!

  4. I love the red!! What a beautiful sweater this is going to be for the little one! I haven't made Ree a sweater since last spring. She keeps telling me she needs a "Big Sister" one. I'm thinking that'll be a project for this winter! I want to knit one in a dark blue for her. She wants (another) pink. We'll see! :-)

  5. Lovely red and lovely photos! I'm anxiously awaiting The Goldfinch and have been thinking I should reread The Secret History. It's a bit dark but so well-written.

  6. Emerson is going to look spectacular in that!!! Great color and I wouldn't be able to wait until Christmas either :)

  7. Donna Tartt's Secret History is one of my favourite books. Love the colour of that yarn.

  8. Thanks for the book recommendation! I'm gonna check that one out! That sure is a bright red... Too bright for me, maybe!

  9. The red will be lovely and cheery for the autumn and winter :). I loved that book.

  10. LOVE the red! I have a hard time holding on to finished knits too. They need to go on to be loved by the intended recipient!

  11. LOVE the red! I have a hard time holding on to finished knits too. They need to go on to be loved by the intended recipient!

  12. oh, yes----two new books to add to the the sweater color---Emerson does have good taste for one so young!!! Adore the gourd! (Did you paint him???)

  13. That sweater will be so pretty on Emerson...she has great taste in colors!

  14. Amazing photos, love the combination of the yarn, the owl and the leaves.

  15. that's a lovely red yarn - and what a lovely set of photos! I always like the photos you use in your posts - now I'm inspired to go out and take some pictures too - I kind of lost the habit lately but I'll start taking photos again - I promised myself...

  16. i always love a peek at your knitting projects :)

  17.! My Anna really prefers bright, bold colors...not sure what the granddaughter will like although I know what her mama likes her in! Enjoy the knit and the read, Tracey! :)

  18. Great red! She will look fabulous in it with her blonde hair! Can't wait to see it finished.

  19. I love the red/orange yarn. I'm sure your granddaughter will be thrilled with her new sweater.

  20. What lovely pictures and great colors! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Ooh, that looks nice and soft for your granddie. I love how she loves vibrant colors. I love also how you travel with your knitting while on a walk. Your projects are so lucky.