Sunday, September 29, 2013


Tattooing is about personalizing the
body, making it a true home and fit
temple for the spirit that dwells inside
it.... Tattooing therefore, is a way of
keeping the spiritual and material
needs of my body in balance. 

~Michelle Delio
 Saturday I went downtown,
 The weather was perfect,
 Nippy's, a local seafood joint,
had live music and great food.
 I passed The Beaufort Inn,
an excellent place to stay
if you ever decide to visit.

 I visited my local yarn store,
 and found the yarn I need to
cast on  Rachel's Shawl
 and the owner surprised me
with a birthday gift.
 Then it was on to
a new place,
where I met the very
talented Angi.
She made me laugh
and I love that she
has her own recipes
to make cleaning
products and that she
wants chickens. She
has a little trouble
keeping sourdough
starter alive so I'm
going to bake some
bread and take it
to her.
She did her magic
and gave me my
birthday gift from
my son Peter.

It was suppose to
go on the back of
my neck, but that
is illegal in the
state of South

so it went here,
my first tattoo.


  1. YIKES!!!!!! (OMG!!!!! I can't tell you how many times I've thought it just might be fun to have a yarnball tattooed on my ankle!!!!!) If I had been with you that would have happened!!!!!!!!

  2. So jealous! I used to want a tattoo when I was a little younger but I've since punked out!

    That sheep is adorable! Cheers to a wonderful birthday this year!!!

  3. AWESOME!! i love tattoos, i have 4 and really want a couple more big pieces.
    weird about it being illegal in the state to tattoo your neck. lol
    it looks great! :)

  4. I love it Tracey ~ welcome to the one-tattoo-club :) hehe!

    I love the yarn you chose for Rachel's shawl ~ that Pure Alpaca is sooo soft!

  5. How awesome is that!!! It looks great Tracey.

  6. Awesome!!!! I love it!! You are so brave. I've wanted a tattoo for years now but 1) I have no idea what I'd get (although this cute!) and 2) I chicken out whenever I start to seriously think about it!

  7. oh my gosh! it is SO cute tracey! that is the cutest sheep tattoo i've ever seen. i love knitting this much too.

    your town looks so charming, someday i hope to visit.

    knit happy my friend!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, happy birthday, and I love your tattoo--it is perfect!

  9. beautiful town, thanks for the tour and aren't you brave to get a tattoo!!! happy birthday :)

  10. I adore your tattoo. You totally decided me - when I can spend the money on another (I have 10), I think it needs to be wool related. Of course, B wants more tattoos, too and since he only has one I suppose I'll have to be patient and wait my turn. (:

    I never would have guessed that it would be illegal to place tattoos on the back of the neck. Weird. I have one a little higher up from where yours is (I think - not that I can see it), but it's not really on my neck.

  11. I LOVE it!!!!! I've thought about getting a tattoo, but can never decide on something. My husband has six and they all mean something to him. I just googled the Beaufort Inn. Super cute. I need to get to SC, it's one of three states I've not visited.

  12. loooooove! i remember the butterflies in my stomach when i got my first tattoo. in case you haven't been told, you'll be wanting another in 6 weeks or so...

  13. OH my gravy you are so brave! I have tattoo designs I want but I'm scared of the pain. How interesting it's illegal to have a tattoo on the back of your neck. Why is that? Your tatt is so cute.

  14. Love it! (I had no idea tattoos were illegal on certain body parts. Huh. You learn something new every day...)

  15. I never knew tattoos were illegal on certain parts of the body either! Wow.
    I hope you never stop knitting now, mama. ; )
    super cute!

  16. I LOVE IT! I was inked for my fortieth and am working on the design for my next will want more. Hope your birthday was as awesome as you are!!

  17. Your town looks so pretty...I love the clapboard houses...I think that's what you call them. Happy looks like it was such a good one. You certainty are dedicated to knitting! How cute. Enjoy the rest of your birthday week.