Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Sometimes I'm doing things considered
crazy by others, but then my heart giggles.
That's when I know I am doing the right thing.

                                         [Photos from my walk yesterday.]

Today makes Day 10,
the last day of my
juice fast!

I started out strong,
but by day 3 I was
doubting I could do
it. By day 6 I was
dreaming of tables
filled with breads and
huge tubs of butter
all just waiting for
me to eat, barrels of
yogurt and honey
calling my name.

I started to waver.
Mike voiced his concern,
he worries, but I didn't
want to quit., not after
coming this far.

I've walked for miles
just to be away from 
the house, the kitchen,
I've drank gallons of water
and herb tea.
I"ve run the juicer three,
four times a day processing
tons of vegetables and

And now?

Well, my skin looks
pretty good, I have tons and
tons of energy, my clothes
feel looser and my mood
is happy. My sleeping didn't
improve, but then I never
sleep much anyway.
I can't say I would/could do
this more than once a year,
but I'm glad I did it this time.

My favorite afternoon juice:
1/2 pineapple
3 pounds carrot juice
2 inches fresh ginger, optional

Run through juicer, chill. Can mix with seltzer water if desired.


  1. Well done Tracey. That was a bit if a marathon and I am glad you are feeling better. I am a poor sleeper too, so I will think of you now when I am lying awake in the small hours xx

  2. Wow,you! Giggling hearts are the best.

    I love that caterpillar photo.


  3. You have such resolve! I would have caved in after day one :) Glad you made it. I sleep pretty good most of the time but not like I used to in my youth.

  4. Wow. A ten day juice fast. Nope - I couldn't do it. And not just because we don't have a juicer. (:

    Congrats on sticking to it. I hope you continue to feel full of light.

  5. What gorgeous pictures! I especially love the clouds. Congratulations on finishing the juice fast! You have great resolve....I'd never be able to do it!!

  6. Wow! I'm not sure if I could last ten days - good for you!

  7. You are super! Man, 3 lbs. of carrots? Wow-wee!

  8. Wonderful photos...looks like a magical walk with all of that loveliness to see!

    And congratulations on your fast! Well done!

  9. Wow...ten days. That is a long time. And a great deal on self discipline. I'm happy you made it through and feel better for it.
    My current quest is finding out about kombucha for boosting the immune system? Everyone's talking about it and I think this house needs it! :)

  10. No way would I have lasted an afternoon! More power to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. you are one strong woman!
    so how much juice does the recipe your just wrote give you? because that is a lot of carrots.

  12. Hi! Don't I know you? said while hanging head shamefully. Hope all is good...it sounds like it!

  13. you are
    Waving a big flag here for you in Montucky- how motivating are you?
    Congratulations Tracey, so proud of you.

  14. Lovely pictures as always! And great quote. I'm impressed! I couldn't go one day. I have no will power.