Friday, September 13, 2013


When I do not walk in the clouds
I walk as though I were lost.

~Antonio Porchia

My week has been filled
with beautiful flowers,
both from friends and
those growing wild.

Dragonflies everywhere,
along with baby praying

Girls that are really earning
their keep and now more
eggs than I know what to
do with, any ideas?  I am
on Day 6 of a juice fast
and since I'm a wee bit
hungry, looking for recipes
just seems cruel.

Mail that brought sweet
little acorns from a dear
friend and there is nothing
better than fun mail.

Working on my own
 Hiker's Waistcoat and
while I love the design,
the pattern leaves a lot
to be desired so I am
writing out each line and
keeping my fingers crossed.

I wish each of you a peaceful
weekend with time to dream,
cloud watch and wonder.




  1. Beautiful! Happy weekending to you! That little baby praying mantis is just perfect. I love that you slow down to take in the tinniest of creatures :)

  2. So peaceful! Love your quote for the day. I'm looking at some potted mums and they are beautiful :)

  3. What a lovely quote. And spot on with my heart this week.
    And acorns? Oh, my...yes!

    Have a wonderful weekend xo

  4. what a wonderful week. can't wait to see how the hiker's waist coat turns out. :)

  5. That nice design is your style. It's perfect for your walks. I like how it's paired with striped and polka dotted long sleeves.
    How neat a baby praying mantis was on your palm. We don't see much dragonflies here in the city. I love how you get your own eggs from your busy hens.

  6. those photos!!! how did you ever capture that dragonfly???? love him!!! Looks like an angelfood cake might be in your future (doesn't it take a dozen egg white???)

  7. I wish you the best with fasting journey Tracey- I am so proud of you for keeping it going day 6 you GO! We have a lot of dragon flies now too for some reason...and this has been the year of hornets too-grrrr.
    The acorns are ah-dorable.
    Have a lovely weekend

  8. i had to stop after 5 days with my fast, i was really hungry. good for you keeping it going tracey. oh how i wish we were close to each other, i would love to buy some eggs from you!

  9. Loving that yellow - that just has to make you feel happy inside.

  10. Love those acorns and your pretty coloured eggs. Beautiful photos Tracey, as always.

  11. Eggs: wonderful eggs! Do you have a neighbor you could bless?

    Acorns: adorable; such a sweet gift!

    Knitting: enjoy the process; it looks like a perfect cool weather wardrobe addition.

    Weekend: full of wonderful things and people and especially the grandbaby. :)

    Blessings: wishing you many!

  12. Beautiful photos!
    Love the little green praying mantis.
    Have a great sunday.

  13. Lovely waistcoat pattern and of as usual beautiful photographs of the nature that surrounds you.
    I love eggs and make lots of omelettes, I especially like them with caremilised onions and peppers. Baked custards too...yummy...
    Have a great week,debx

  14. That is such an awesome dragonfly picture!

  15. day 6! wow.
    I won't tell you to make blueberry oatmeal muffins, then.

  16. you are absolutely right, there is nothing better than fun mail. I love those acorns! I really love that quote!

  17. Your photos are so beautiful my friend. Thank you for sharing your world with us! b