Wednesday, September 18, 2013


If you truly love Nature,
you will find beauty everywhere. 

~Vincent Van Gogh

I found this little clump of
wildflowers while on a walk
and knew it would be a
perfect spot to knit and I
was right.

I finished knitting Bark
and now am just waiting
on cooler weather so I
can wear it. It was a great
knit and I am thinking
about knitting another,
this time in black.

On my needles this
week is a shawl for
my Mother in-law.
The yarn is by The
Fibre Company, Meadow
and I have to say it is
a dream to knit, it is
so soft and with each
hank being 545 yards
there aren't a lot of ends
to weave in.

For our history studies
we are beginning the depression
and reading To Kill a Mockingbird,
a long time favorite of mine.
I am reading it as a read aloud and
it is a joy to hear my son ask
me not to stop, to read just one
more chapter.  At night I am
reading, Scout, Atticus, & Boo,
a book written for the 50th anniversary
of  To Kill a Mockingbird, interviewing
well known people telling the
impact the book had on them.

Joining with Ginny.


  1. Pretty lavender wool - have not read To Kill a Mockingbird might read that next.

  2. one of my all time favorite books, ever! It's a shame she didn't pen more. How sweet that you and your son are enjoying it together. I will wish for cooler weather for you soon! We have some chilly days right now but I think it's going to warm up again..Oh and your MIL is one lucky lady!!!

  3. Beautiful shawl and such a lovely color choice. I didn't know you homeschooled Tracey...that is wonderful.

  4. What beautiful yarn. The shawl is going to be lovely.

  5. that's a lovely shade of blue - and what a beautiful place to knit - I really love your photos.I wish we still had some sun here so I could go out, but it's been raining for a week now and I just snuggle in bed with warm tea and my knitting. :)

  6. Beautiful colour yarn and such a pretty pattern. One of my favourite books. Deb x

  7. Such pretty yarn! Your MIL is going to love that shawl. And let's hear it for large skeins of yarn. When I spin I make the skeins as large as I can so I don't have to weave in the ends. Guess I'm pretty darn lazy!

  8. Ohhhh I love the yarn you are using! It's going to make a gorgeous shawl. I haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird since high school. I think that's another one to take off the shelf to re-read! (Karen has me wanting to re-read Little Women too!) I think the Fall is a good time to re-visit some classics! :-)

  9. our community theatre is doing the play this fall...really looking forward to it, but might reread before's been years and years! Love the knitting!!!!!

  10. Gorgeous yarn. I do hope my little man is happy to hear me read aloud to him as he gets older :)

  11. Scout, Atticus, and Boo sounds like an interesting read. I love that your son doesn't want you to stop reading. That is AWESOME! I hope your MIL appreciates your hard work on the needles! Mine would not.

  12. Beautiful yarn! I'm so happy you share books like this together- I really look forward to the books our family will read together over the coming years, including To Kill a Mockingbird.

  13. Love your shawl, the color is wonderful, and To Kill a Mockingbird is such a classic, the other book looks like one I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  14. that yarn is lovely. that will be one stunning shawl. i have just been thinking of reading To Kill a Mockingbird. i have never read it for some reason.

  15. Amazing photographs as usual...To Kill A Mocking Bird is one of my all time favourites...I love that book.

  16. love that book! my red bean recently read it and it was so fun to discuss it with her.

  17. Your pictures are gorgeous as well as your knitting. Atticus Finch was my husband's reason for going to law school and he has based his practice on the same principles. We even have a cat named Atticus!

  18. OH the magic of a great book...I too have had those wonderful moments where my voice is rough and of my children running for water so that I don't stop reading to them. Of course I go on and on just to see it come to life and work its magic.
    Love the color! Are you going to show it off in another post?

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

  19. Beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts. Such a joy to have made your acquaintance here in blogland. :)

  20. It was very cute how your WIP and books were nestled among nature. They technically do come from it. I like the semi-delicate color of your shawl.

  21. Such peaceful pictures. I needed to be here this morning. It slowed me down :) Thank you!

  22. I love that yarn. It does look like a dream to knit up :) The pictures are so peaceful and beautiful!

  23. Loved that book. As a teen and in my re-read last summer. Beautiful photos, as always. Calming at the end of a busy (but good) day. :) Time for knitting and tea now, I think.

  24. I love the colour of that yarn!

    I remember To Kill A Mockingbird well. Such a great read. I haven't read it to any of my guys yet, perhaps I should this winter...