Thursday, September 26, 2013


We look forward to the time when
the Power of Love will replace the
Love of Power. Then will our world
know the blessings of peace. 

~William Ewart Gladstone

The tea olives are in bloom
and I am still startled by
their scent every time I
pass them, heavenly.
I finished my Shawl
and think I would like
to knit another for me, 
this time in green.

 We made homemade pizza,
twice this week.
 Caramelized onions,
goat cheese, and kale
 Caramelized onions, blue cheese
and mushrooms...this one was
the big favorite and is going to
ruin all my dietary plans. ;)
I have reached my limit
with snakes, {one of the
joys of country life here
in the Lowcountry] especially
baby water moccasins
we adopted Betty Davis to help
keep them away from and out
of the house.  Now if I can just
get her to come out from under
the chair.
I hope you have a peace filled
weekend. Hugs to you.



  1. Awww...what a cute little kitten, welcome Betty Davis :) I hope she can help with the snakes.

    And that pizza...I want some. It looks so good.

    Have a lovely weekend Tracey.

  2. What a beautiful week you have had. Hope your weekend is equally as wonderful... and snake-free.

  3. Tea olives I don't think I have come across these or their perfume? Love the shawl, love the pizza, cute kitty, not so nice snakes! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. maybe kitty is fearful of the snakes too? eeps! they sure are cute though, kitten and snake. i can almost smell that delicious looking pizza tracey! lovely shawl!

  5. Ah, Betty Davis may be too prissy to deal with snakes. :)
    That shawl is gorgeous!
    Oh those pizzas.....drool.

  6. I Love the shawl. Congrats on the new family member-she looks adorable.And, I'm going to make those pizzas-they look delicious.

  7. she has betty davis eyes! (hope you know that song). She is adorable and i hope she does her housely duties. Snakes are not fun IN the house... Love your shawl :)

  8. Goat cheese and homemade pizza - Yay!
    Snakes - *cringe*
    Beautiful black cats - Wooohooo!

    Happy weekend, lovely one! (:

  9. what a great week you've had, tracey....yummy food, finished (gorgeous) knit!!!!, and a new addition to the family!!!! You go girl....(Betty Davis, that is!)----get those slithery critters!!!! (I hope that grate he was coming out of isn't TOO close to the house!!!!!!!! eek!)

  10. snakes in your house? eeeep!
    your shawl turned out stunning, and i agree you need to do one for you too.

  11. Those pizzas look fantastic! Do you have a recipe?

    And your shawl is gorgeous, Tracey. So delicate.

    And hello to Betty Davis! So adorable (and uggggh! Snakes! *hides with kitty*)

  12. The shawl is beautiful! Betty Davis is so cute! I've been thinking cats lately too (mice!). Have a lovely weekend Tracey!

  13. Kitty looks brave. Cats can keep those creepy snakes away? Dang.
    Your pizza looks delicious! What great ideas for veggie ones.

  14. Oh, ick. I just can't handle snakes... Hope Betty decides to do her duty. :) Lovely eats and a gorgeous knit!

  15. I hope Betty Davis kicks a$$ in the snake department. I'm trying to figure where the snake is coming from. That's one of the things we don't worry so much about here. Thank goodness. That pizza looks dee-lish. The one with the kale, not the shroom one!