Saturday, September 21, 2013


The soul, like the body, 
lives by what it feeds on. 

~Josiah Gilbert Holland




A warm ocean breeze,
bright sun overhead,
my chair in the perfect
spot, knitting close at
hand, one project finished,
a new one begun. The
sound of waves crashing
on shore fills the air.
A long walk along the
shore's edge, collecting
gifts the sea has to offer.
A funny bird that wanted
to be noticed, for a minute
popped into my thoughts.
The sea oats are starting to
fade, dropping their seeds
in the sand and it won't be
long before a chill fills the
air, but today? Today was
perfect, my soul was fed.


  1. Dreamy.....

    Lovely blue skies and such a sense of freedom- thank you for sharing these fantastic images- I hope you enjoy your weekend:)

  2. Excellent photos - loving that new aqua knit.

  3. I see furry yarn which means alpaca and/or mohair. The button is lovely too.

  4. It just occurred to me that we only visited the coast one time this year. Lovely pics, as always. :)

  5. Simply beautiful! Wonderful "food" for your soul.

  6. This is food for my soul too. Thank you for bringing me with you to your sanctuary! I love the footprint photos!

  7. beautiful skies, birds in the air, I can imagine the ocean sounds and the bird sounds-so lovely and refreshing!

  8. I REALLY wanted to be there with you!!!

  9. Such lovely pictures. The ocean does feed the soul. Thanks for sharing and have a peaceful week filled with contentment!

  10. our beaches are beginning to empty now, i'm so looking forward to quiet alone time there. enjoy your days tracey :)

  11. Such beautiful photos Tracey, you live in such a lovely place.

  12. Such gorgeous pictures!!! I am so glad you got your time at the beach in. It's non tourist season here now so Ree & I have been getting to the beach a little more often. It's so much more fun when there aren't crowds & crowds of people there!

  13. i am so glad you got to the beach and had such a wonderful day. <3

  14. lovely photos, tracey. i'm glad you got to enjoy your time there.
    we spent a few days at the beach last weekend ourselves. seeing your pictures makes me long for the next time i get to breath fresh ocean air. i hope it will be rather sooner than later. we might go to the mountains next since it is going to be fall and the perfect time for hiking. and as much as i am looking forward to the mountains, for me, nothing beats the sea.

  15. Wow ~ catching up on your blog and I can tell you are progressing in you photograph skill! The shots on this post make me feel like I am on the beach...only sound and smell could be posted with photographs...I love the smell of a beach!

  16. How lovely. What a beautiful place you live in. Don't you love living by the beach? We are just a mile from it, or less. I really need to spend more time there.