Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Here's my hat,
it holds my head,
the thoughts I've had
and the things I've read.

It keeps out the wind.
it keeps off the rain.
It hugs my head
and warms my brain.

There's me below it,
the sky above it.
It's my lid,
and I love it.

~ Tony Mitton

Beanie-a-Long with Me 001 (640x303)

Stefanie, from Knitspiring Odyssey,
is hosting a fun KAL/CAL to knit
beanies throughout the year and I
was more than happy to join in as
we are all hat lovers here.

My first beanie is for my son,
Charlie, who has a birthday
coming up in October. Charlie
works outside, hot or cold and
needs something to protect
him from the elements.
I cast on 96 stitches using a size 6
needle, knit a purl 1, knit 1 ribbing
for 2 inches and then changed the
needles to a size 8, still knitting
the same pattern.
I am using Lamb's Pride Super wash
in the color Rootbeer. I wanted
something he didn't have to worry
about washing, but something
that would really keep him warm
in the coming months since it's suppose
to be really cold this winter [my
fingers are crossed and I'm looking
for snow!].

Once I finish this beanie I
have plans to cast on this,
and knit one for each of
my guys as a stocking stuffer
for Christmas, it's perfect for


  1. It is hat knitting weather, isn't it? I think I'll be casting on another sock head hat to use up some leftover sock yarn. Lovely hat, pattern and of course you photos :)

  2. Really love the yarn your using for the beanie, it's going to make a great beanie.

  3. i love that colorway. that will be a great hat. :)

  4. Those beanies will be perfect for keeping heads nice and warm this winter -- extra cold or not! :)

  5. There's a colour-way called "rootbeer"!?! Fantasic!
    P.S. I hope you get your snow :)

  6. love that pattern you linked to! might do that for my oldest son :)

  7. Love that yarn and that pattern is awesome!

  8. Oh rootbeer brings back wonderful memories of my dad scoopin' up the vanilla ice cream into the tall mugs and pouring that bubbly, frothy A&W Rootbeer inside. I love that quote! You are so clever at finding ones to go with your posts. Thank you so much - XX - for participating and sharing BALWM.

  9. Nice yarn, perfect colour for working outside.

  10. I love your pictures (and your knitting!!) I noticed your flipflops and think you must be from or in South Carolina - am I right? You have a beautiful blog and I enjoy coming here. Thanks for sharing. Katrine in Georgia