Thursday, September 19, 2013


There is no season in all the year
so beautiful, so radiant with glory,
as the early autumn. There is no
time when the human soul drinks
in so fully the glory and beauty of

~ Northern Advocate


The temperatures are still pushing

close to 90 degrees, but there has
been a shift in the humidity and
one morning I even saw 67 degrees.

The leaves are starting to fall, the
golden rod is starting to bloom,
and I know this because my allergies
are going crazy and I spend quite
a bit of time sneezing.

I don't think I will collect the
first pecan from my trees because
the squirrels have already eaten
most of them, along with all the
pine cones !?! Signs of a cold
winter coming?

I've made pear cake this week,
I used this recipe and substituted
pears for the apples, and there
has been a never empty egg plate,
that is one way to keep my guys
happy and use up some of the
eggs I have been collecting.

My sister send me this to read
because she knows how much
I love Whole Foods. Love it!

After almost completing the
back and even with the help
of a dear friend, I think I am going
to have to frog my Hiker's Waistcoat,
the pattern is just too confusing
for me and I am so frustrated
that I don't want to finish, I
am just over it.
I think my yarn would be
happier being this or maybe
this, I haven't quite decided

I hope you have a very pleasant
weekend, I have plans to walk 
on the beach and listen to the
waves crash on shore, it's been
a few weeks and my soul feels it.




  1. Beautiful fall images Tracey-interesting to see your seasons in Florida. Love the cake- looks delish...and you know the saying about red shoes...? Well, "people who wear red shoes are always happy ".
    Happy weekend :)

  2. the cake sounds heavenly. looking at the two choices you put up for what to do with your yarn... i LOVE the first one. but i am a fan of the vest. LOL enjoy your weekend at the ocean. the kids and i are heading up to northern AZ for
    cooler temps and "camping"with friends (we shall be staying in a KOA cabin. lol)

  3. I love your red shoes :) Sorry about the knitting, I feel the same way about frustrating projects and end up doing the same thing.

    Enjoy your weekend Tracey.

  4. Oh your yummies look so good. Ack! Frog the vest? Can your friend help you figure it out or what about helpful notes from other knitters? :0(

  5. Ah autumn, I love the change of season and we are coming into spring. The fig tree is sprouting new bright green leaves. The grapefruit in blossom whilst still holding on to it winter fruit! The promise of warmer weather is in the air. If only it would stop raining! Love that pear cake and that red knitting.

  6. i'm so happy to be feeling autumn in the air too and love your seasonal post. i'm so sorry that pattern is causing troubles, good idea to move on, i would do the same tracey. your pretty yarn will be happier too! pear cake sounds delicious!

  7. bummer about the ripping out but if you're not happy with it while knitting you will not be happy with it once it's done. Both patterns are lovely, can't wait to see which one you choose. Yes, autumn is creepy in around here! Wish I could have a slice of that cake :)

  8. Beautiful images. Makes me crave Autumn even more. Enjoy your walk on the beach, well done you for feeding your soul. :)

  9. I'm sorry the vest isn't working for you. That pattern is one of my favs and I was seriously thinking about making I'm not sure. The other two options are pretty. It's a tough choice. Things are warming up here as well. I've had on long sleeves and closed toe shoes. I can't wait! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

  10. I feel the same about this winter – there are a lot of signs in nature making me think it may be cold and/or long. That article on Whole Foods was hilarious! I've never actually been to Whole Foods (we don't have it here) but I've been to enough health food stores that I can relate! Your devilled eggs look delicious!

  11. Lovely Autumnal post. The pear cake looks delicious. I love fruit in cakes. One of my sisters makes a lovely chocolate and pear cake that's nice too.

    I know exactly how you feel about the HIkers waistcoat I had the same problem with the lida shawl I was so glad that I changed patterns and am enjoying wearing it now. It just didn't fit how my mind was working at the time.

    Enjoy the seaside at the weekend. I look forward to seeing lots of nice photo's next week.

  12. very pretty fall post~ i'm a tad bit envious of your stroll on the beach...we didn't get to visit the beach this year :{ i miss it terribly~ we'll be going to the wool gathering which is always a fun event~ wishing you a relaxing weekend~



  13. oh, Tracey....I'm sorry about the Hiker's vest....but I've knit patterns from both Hannah and Joli and they have always been meticulously written. I don't think you can go wrong with either of them. stroll on the beach!!! pick up a couple shells for me, too, OK???

    now, I think I need to go make one of those pear cakes!!! have a great weekend!!!!!

  14. Happy Fall Tracey!! I am sorry to read about your vest, but you will bounce back with something beautiful I'm sure ;). Wishing you cool breezes, changing leaves, autumn shadows, oooh and the beach!!


  15. We, too, enjoyed a final spurt of summer temps and embraced them with an afternoon at the river. Sorry about the frogging, but then, better to frog and create a garment you'll enjoy. :) Love your beach photos, peaceful.