Thursday, August 22, 2013


My work is loving the world.
Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird—
equal seekers of sweetness.
Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums.
Here the clam deep in the speckled sand.

Are my boots old? Is my coat torn?
Am I no longer young, and still half-perfect?
Let me keep my mind on what matters,
which is my work,...

~ Mary Oliver: Messenger


It's been a good week, although
a long rainy one.  It has rained
for weeks, but today I finally
saw the sun. I still have to wear
my rain boots everytime I step
out the door, but I am hoping
that will change and things will
dry out so I can plant my fall
garden. Even with all the rain
and the delay in planting, I am
thankful that the drought is
The first week of [home]school
went well, even with having all
the math that goes along with
Chemistry.  We are learning
Spanish, [Rosetta Stone] and
I think this is going to be my
favorite class, along with Art.
I am back on Whole30,
the vegetarian version.
After my vacation where
I ate too much dairy and
wheat, it was time.
There are a lot of eggs
in my day and I have one hen
that is keeping me supplied
in double yolks.
Besides eggs I have been
enjoying this soup. To be
honest I am the only
one who likes it, but that's
okay, I won't have to cook
for days.
I'm still knitting on my
Heat. I had thought I
would be done by now,
but with each row 484
stitches it takes a while
to make it from one side
to the other.  My goal is
to be done by the end
of the weekend so we'll
see. I made a pact with
myself to not cast anything
else on until my basket
is empty. I really must
finish what I've started,
they are Christmas
presents and there are
only 124 days left.
Along with knitting, I
found a new book to
which is a nice change
from studying Chemistry.
So far I am throughly enjoying
it so I'll let you know
if that changes.
I wish for each of you a
peacefilled weekend with
lots of love and laughter
in you days.
Much love,


  1. How do you like that Rosetta Stone program? Do blog about it when you're entrenched in it.
    It's nice to be absorbed in a good book yeah? I just started The Lightning Thief.

  2. a beautiful post tracey, beginning with my favorite poet! love mary oliver so much. i'll be right along with you, after the kids left i have been back to juicing most of the day and then a small veggie meal in the evening. please send us some rain!

  3. Rain, what is that? We are so dry here and could use some rain. They called for it today, but only a few drops fell. Fingers crossed some comes soon.

    I love that colour.

    124 days, that is it, I better get a move on :)

    Happy weekend Tracey, may yours be filled with good things.

  4. I'm off of wheat and dairy (and sugar) now too and it's really helping. Have a wonderful weekend Tracey!

  5. a beautiful post.
    ahhh rain. we are suppose to get some this weekend, i won't hold my breath... but there is hope. enjoy your beautiful weekend.

  6. nooooooooooo!!!! surely we have more than 124 days before Christmas?????????!!!

  7. Hi Tracey, that Mary Oliver quote is lovely as are your photos. I hope that you get the weather you need to plant your garden and reach your knitting goal this weekend. I've been thinking about starting Christmas presents too...possibly lala shawls...I can knit and talk or download photo's as the pattern is so simple.

    I'd like to look at the Whole30 seriously it sounds like something that might suit me. I think you once mentioned it to me before.

    Have a fruitful weekend.

  8. Chemistry was not a favorite of mine way back when, I hope it gets easier (not). Love your goals with your heat knit, I try to do that at times, but then sometimes I can't resist casting on anyways :) Have a lovely weekend and I hope it dries up so you can put away the boots!

  9. Lovely images today Tracey! Can't wait to see your finished knits...I got French thru Rosetta- (do you like the program)worked pretty well for me. I can't believe you are wearing boots- it's fire season in Montucky- so dry and windy.
    Have a lovely weekend friend.

  10. a long rainy week is what we need! care to send your rain our way?

    also chemistry. i think i barely made it through :(

  11. Curried cauliflower sounds yummy! I'll have to work around the tree nuts, though - the Imp is allergic.

    Here's wishing you a productive knitting weekend! (:

  12. That soup does sound wonderful and oh to have rain, it must be lovely. We haven't had rain since our winter started except once and I miss it so. The Whole30 sounds interesting, I'm going to go and read about it now.
    Have a lovely weekend Tracey

  13. Oh I like the sound of the soup - especially as we have a good cauliflower crop. i am impressed with you knitting - it would take me a week to knit a row of that size!
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  14. How are you liking the Rosetta Stone? I'm thinking of doing that since my goal is bi lingual preschool/school for Miss C

  15. Learning new things is always a joy. I love what you are knitting, as well as your photographs. I always enjoy visiting you. Have a lovely weekend!

  16. ohhhh that quote brought tears to my eyes.
    I was just commenting on another blog (Karen's) about being present. And that seems to be the message of the day.
    Changes happen, life does its thing, and we are along for the ride.
    I once wrote a poem about how flowers are not afraid to lose their why should we be? You immerse yourself in nature and it makes you so beautiful. Just like your poem today.

  17. We're still looking for rain. :-(

    Certainly not complaining about this warm-but-gorgeous weather


  18. Glad to hear you drought is over. Can you send some my way.
    Love hearing of your new happenings. How about those double yokes? They say that is good luck!