Sunday, August 18, 2013


No armies are needed,
no weapons are needed,
no nations are needed,
no religions are needed.
All that is needed is a little
meditativeness, a little
silence, a little love, a
little more humanity...
just a little more, and
existence will become
fragrant with something
so totally unique and
new that you will have
to find a new category
for it.

~Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Saturday it rained all day,
just like all of last week,
so that gave me the opportunity
to work on my lesson plans for
school. This is the first year we
will be starting before Labor Day,
but with the changes in requirements
for my state and having to have
my grades in by May 25 this is
the only way to be compliant.
Ready or not we begin on Monday.

Sunday brought blue skies and
a chance to get outside. Someone
got a new collar. Doesn't she look
cute? The turkeys, Leroy and Dale,
[I had so hope he was a Daisy], are
really growing and talking up a storm,
although they aren't quite sure about
Olive yet.

I noticed the leaves are starting to
fall so my fingers are crossed for
an early winter and maybe snow!
I have many knitting projects to
keep me busy if we were to get
snowed in. ;)

I hope you have a beautiful start
to your week and a little love
and peace in the world.


Joining with Amanda.


  1. I love your optimism......snow when the temps are still in the 90s!!!!!! (I'm with you though--bring on those flakes!)

  2. We had rain all Saturday too. Starting to think about next season plans now - wishing you a some cooling breezes. Olive is quite the lady in her new collar :)

  3. Olive is beautiful in her new collar!! I'm sure you'll have milking down in no time!! I'm looking forward to snow as well. We'll see how much knitting I'll get done this winter though with a newborn to cuddle! Good luck with the homeschool plans! I'm in the midst of figuring out pre-school homeschooling. Most likely just more of what we've been doing. But Ree wants to "go to school" so I'm thinking one day a week of something "formal" (in the loosest sense of the word!)

  4. Love the new collar :) That yarn is beautiful, the colour is fabulous. And rain, please send some to us, we need it.

    Have a lovely week Tracey.

  5. We've had clouds a lot of clouds. bummer that you have to start school earlier than usual but then you will be done earlier!! more gardening time in the late spring, right?

    love your quote today :)

  6. Hah! I love the names on your pets Tracey....I am holding on to summer as loooong as I can-it is not long until the snow flies here. Have a lovely week.

  7. Some schools around here have already started. And most start tomorrow. Corrine doesn't begin her little pre school until the WE after Labor day. I love your optimism about snow. Although I've been thinking we'll have an early fall here too.

  8. your goat looks great!
    i had no idea you were a teacher. i learn something new all the time. what grade(s) do you teach??

  9. we never really had a summer, it's been so cold here the last few months, but i'm really looking forward to autumn. school used to be one of my favorite parts, i am a little envious of you tracey, those days are behind me now...i'm wishing for a cool autumn and lots of snow for you!!

  10. hello goat! does your goat have a name? and what about the turkey?

    school schmool. so tired of dealing with bureaucracy.just let me homeschool in peace!

  11. It does seem too early for school, doesn't it? We start next Tuesday and I have very mixed emotions about it all. The new neckwear made me laugh ~ she sure does look purty.

    have a great week :)

  12. It's crazy starting school before Labor Day...Scout's first day was August seems like we hardly had a summer break...and next year they're moving it back even earlier...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  13. Thanks for the visit to my space. :) Love your photos, especially the leaf. I love fall. Truly. love. it. School before Labor Day? Oh, I just couldn't do it. But then, I suppose if I had to... This year we're starting in two phases with some subjects in September (after Labor Day!) and the rest in October. With so much of my attention needed for the new business start up, there just isn't any other way to do both jobs (home educator & office manager/bookkeeper) well. I think easing in will work best. At least that's my hope and prayer!

    Your shawl will be lovely, I bet! ~Lisa :)

  14. We have mugginess here. I totally noticed that goat's bright, fun collar. Are your turkeys for pets or for Thanksgiving?
    I didn't know you were a teacher! I totally missed that. Awesome.