Sunday, August 25, 2013


One day, with life and heart,
Is more than time enough to find a world.

~ James Russell Lowell

This weekend I....

Celebrated 31 years of marriage!

Finished my Heat.

Saw lots and lots of sunshine.

Picked the last fig of the season from my tree.

Made this ice cream....oh my gosh!!!

Picked tiny wildflowers for my studio.

Broke my pact to myself and cast on
another project at 11:45 a.m. because I
just had to.

Now I going to sit back, read my book and
relax before a very busy Monday appears.
Wishing you a gentle and loving start to
your week.

Joining with Amanda.


  1. Congratulations Tracey, wow 31 years, how wonderful!

    Just a little tease of the finished Heat, will we get to see more pics later in the week?

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Happy anniversary! What a long time! That's so beautiful.

  3. Knitting and reading...a lovely way to spend the weekend. congrats on 31 years of marriage! You and I are both in the "over 30 years of marriage club" quite an accomplishment in today's society. Here's hoping for many more years of health and happiness for you and your husband!

  4. oh congratulations. Happy Anniversary Tracey. Here's to the next 31! Love the colour of the new project on the needles.
    Hope yours is as good one too.

  5. Happy Anniversary! This sounds like a perfect, lovely weekend!

  6. Happy anniversary! You've been married one year less than I've been alive. (:

    Have a great week, Tracey!

  7. First of all congratulations on your wedding anniversary- that is really something- so awesome to read/hear about true love- I wish you another 31 years of joy to come Tracey. Can't wait to see your finished Heat! Enjoy the sun and your wild flowers.

  8. happy anniversary to you! mine is this week as well :) There is nothing wrong with casting on another project, sometimes a knitter has to do what a knitter has to do :)

  9. Congrats! Our 21st was last Thursday. :) A quiet dinner and a movie on the cheap. The red is gorgeous, and is that the new knit in the last pic? Like the colorway. I finished a project yesterday (love Sundays!) and have to not co anything new so I can finish a few others...we'll see. :)

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! <331 years, wonderful.
    sounds like an excellent weekend.

  11. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 31 years! I"m debating what to cast on next. I've got so many projects to do in my mind, but I am really trying to focus on what is in the knitting basket.

  12. don't look at it like breaking a pact, more a reward for knitting well done and heat off the needles :)

  13. It sounds a pretty good world to me. Lucky you having a fig tree, particularly one that you managed to salvage the fruits rather than watch the birds take them all!
    Thank you for admiring my shawl and popping over to say hello.

  14. Happy Anniversary Tracey! That ice cream looks so delicious. I've made coconut milk ice creams and the only complaint I have is that they get so hard in the freezer that they're difficult to scoop. The next time I make a batch I am thinking of adding gelatin to make it a little more scoop able. (They add it to sorbets for this reason, so I'm thinking it might work?)

  15. Oooo... that ice cream sounds good! I've just discovered a dairy allergy in the family so I'd love to try this. Congrats on your anniversary!